Yogi Matsyendranath

Biography of a Russian Yogi: The extraordinary story of Yogi Matsyendranath
This is not an ordinary biography. It is as much an inner story as an outer one. And
someone who has an inner life as rich as Yogi does, naturally provides teachings
through the telling of the outer biography. Yogi has dedicated his life to a deep and
enthusiastic pursuit of the ancient path of Yoga and Tantra. Unlike many Western
interpretations that trivialize these topics, Yogi presents a profound and illuminating
journey through this mystical terrain. This book is dedicated to the spirit of open-minded
spiritual research and practice. It is also an example of following one’s heart. It is one
person’s story but in many ways our story too, ordinary and extraordinary at the same
– Keith Simons, author of Quest: A mystical autobiography, Portal: Awakening to being
and Elucia: A multidimensional biography.


Acupuncture Yoga Reiki Magazine Issue #2


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