Issue #3: Vera Shershneva. Get to know yourself with the help of wardrobe

Acupuncture Yoga Reiki Magazine Issue #3


Get to know yourself with the help of wardrobe

Written by Vera Shershneva, an image stylist, author of master-classes in style, a writer, a blogger from Stuttgart, Germany

There is one very precise expression of Coco Chanel: “If a woman by the age of thirty did not become a beauty, then she is a fool”. My understanding of these words: a woman by the age of thirty has enough time to study her appearance and independently or with the help of specialists to work out a competent instruction for its use.

What do you need in order to write your instruction? First of all, an honest assessment of yourself. A woman who impartially evaluates herself, immediately sees strengths and weaknesses, not only in her character, but also in appearance. To see them is already half the battle. After that just need to work on “technical” aspects – to emphasize strengths and disguise the weaknesses, to build harmony.

It sounds very simple. But in the lives of many women, this becomes unmanageable task. Most are not ready to face the reality. In their head there is already a picture of themselves, which can be far from reality, but it is quite satisfying, and oh how you do not want to make any changes. However, even if a woman has successfully deceived herself, it doesn’t mean that she was able to deceive others. People read the internal content and external message in less than a minute. You can advertise yourself all you want – for another person it is all empty words, unless you do correspond to reality.

Therefore, not every woman is ready for serious changes in her appearance. As a rule, readiness for transformation comes with a change in status, for example, a woman finds a new job or partner; or through crisis, – loss, reassessment of values, important awareness.

What can I do when I want to change? The easiest way is to find professionals you trust and let them help you. This may be a stylist, image maker, hairdresser, makeup artist. What distinguishes a good specialist: her ability to deeply immerse herself in your world, understand your desires, your goals, priorities, values, read you like an open book, find your real self and understand how much you are willing to change, a little bit or cardinally.

The process of interaction with a specialist is also important. There is a union of her and your energy, and this fusion gives rise to new forms, new messages to the world, new harmony with yourself and a new potential. It is best to approach the process of transformation in the open state of a student who is capable to learn and dreaming of new things and willing to accept changes. I noticed that the more clients trust me and rely on me, the faster the changes they have been waiting for come to their lives. Those who are obsessed with their old convictions, and firmly stand on what is good and bad, cannot hear and accept anything new for themselves.

Each new phase in the life of a woman is accompanied by a desire for change. Something old and obsolete dies, something new should replace it. Catch these periods, use that energy for maximum change, it is the key for harmony relationship with yourself.

Life from scratch is always possible, at any time and at any age. Even minor changes do produce results. There is an interesting phenomenon that I still could not unravel. When a woman changes in appearance, she also changes internally. And new events and people come into her life.

Think about what you would really like? What would you like to change? If changes do not happen by themselves, then maybe it is time to get rid of something, purify your inner and outer space, let fresh air in and get filled with energy of rebirth, self-love and acceptance.

I wish every reader to find their freedom, their harmony with themselves and the world, to be charged with new energy to fulfill their wildest fantasies. Always glad to help you with this.


What services do I offer as a stylist:

I advise women via Skype, you do remote shopping with my support. I find the right and appropriate thing or things for you online.

I determine your type based on Larson system, do individual LookBook – detailed instructions for use of your appearance: appropriate to your images, colors, fabrics, cuts, styles, lengths, prints, clothing, accessories and more. Help you to make a basic wardrobe, wardrobe-constructor, where everything goes with everything.

Since I live and work in Germany, I invite you for shopping in Germany. This may be a one-day or multi-day shopping. The brand-name stores, outlet stores or in the mid-priced segment. The number of days of shopping is not limited.

The program of work with each client is individual and takes into account your needs and current challenges. Work strategy will be developed during our first conversation.

The aim of our consultations is to find the best style or styles of clothing to express your inner self through the outer frame, to harmonize the image. Find appropriate images for an interview, for business, for rendezvous, for the house and other life situations in which you need to look your best and correspond to a certain image.

I receive a lot of feedback on my work, some of which can be read on my Facebook page. Women are no longer afraid to make purchases, stop buying unnecessary clothes and throw money down the drain, while they create comfortable, beautiful and comfortable wardrobes, begin to feel attractive, young, modern and stylish. They rediscover lost feeling of their beauty and enjoy being feminine and elegant.


My contacts:

WhatsApp: +49157 77800490




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