Issue #4: Modern Stuttgart, old Esslingen, Mercedes and Porsche museums and unforgettable shopping



Modern Stuttgart, old Esslingen, Mercedes and Porsche museums and
unforgettable shopping

37 million tourists from all over the world visit Germany every year. The ten most visited cities include Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg, located in southwest Germany.

Stuttgart is one of the largest industrial and innovation centers in Germany and Europe, as well as one of the richest German cities. Here are businesses such as Bosch, Daimler and Porsche. Therefore, among the main attractions of the city are the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Porsche Museum.

Mercedes car – one of the symbols of Germany. In the museum of Mercedes-Benz on the area of 16 thousand square meters are located more than 160 cars of all kinds, from the most ancient exhibits to the latest inventions of our time. The historical exposition plays in the background and accompanies you throughout your excursion.

The Porsche Museum features over 80 exhibits on five thousand square meters. Here you can listen to and compare the roar of engines of different models of Porsche and learn the nuances and details of these world-famous cars, associated with luxury life.

Next to Stuttgart is a small, but famous in Germany, Esslingen city. It is loved by tourists for its special beauty and ancient atmosphere. Esslingen is only 20 minutes from Stuttgart, but the difference between the cities is colossal. Esslingen, unlike Stuttgart, was not destroyed during World War II, and still lives in its medieval appearance, especially in its center.

Here you can see the old town hall, visit several old churches in the heart of the city, climb the fortress wall and see the city from a bird’s-eye view. And also visit local restaurants, stores and souvenir shops.

Living in Esslingen itself is a special pleasure, accompanied by the morning bells, the local market in the central square, walks and unhurried immersion in its charming atmosphere. By the way, there are also local thermal spas called Merkel’shes Schwimmbad, which have existed since 1907. This is a whole complex with a swimming pool, various types of saunas, a jacuzzi and, of course, a pool with mineral water from a thermal spring stretching 200 meters under the ground. Also in Esslingen is the oldest in Germany plant for the production of sparkling wines – Kessler. It has existed since 1826. Here you can try premium dry sparkling wines.

In general, travel to Germany is conducive to proper rest, relaxation, unhurriedness. At your service are not only thermal spas and saunas, but also beautiful nature, mountains, rivers, parks. If you want to spend time away from the city, then you can go on a short trip to Hohenzollern Castle. It is located 50 kilometers from Stuttgart, on top of the mountain of the same name.

The castle hosts guided tours of the premises, furniture, decorations of the Hohenzollern dynasty. Here is kept the crown, which was put on by all the kings of Prussia, as well as letters, jewels, paintings, interior items. From here there is a breathtaking view of the Swabian Alps.

For shopping lovers, Stuttgart is an ideal place, as there is one of the most famous outlet stores in Europe – Metzingen. This is a whole urban complex with shops, where life boils over. There are more than 250 designer brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Escada, Strellson, Guess, Hugo Boss, Armani, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo and many others. The most interesting thing in the outlet is, of course, discounts. They, to the delight of buyers, can reach up to 70 percent. Therefore, shopping here is profitable and enjoyable. In Metzingen there are cafes and restaurants where you can relax and enjoy German and international cuisine for every taste.


Before your trip to Stuttgart, you can book a special shopping service with a stylist. The stylist will guide you on the best route, help you with the choice of clothes individually for your request and wishes, and also help you to create ready-made images on the spot. When there is a stylist nearby, shopping becomes three times more pleasant, since all you have to do is relax and enjoy the process, while all difficult and routine moments, including finding things and communicating with sellers, will be taken over by a specialist.

In addition to Metzingen in Stuttgart you must visit the central pedestrian alley Königstrasse. Here, in the heart of the capital of Baden-Württemberg, next to the Palace Square, there are the best shops with clothes, shoes, jewelry, watches and souvenirs. There are also many cafes and restaurants where you can pause and enjoy local delicacies.

And of course, in Stuttgart breweries, you can try the best varieties of traditional German beer, famous throughout the world.

The material was prepared by Vera Shershneva, image stylist and journalist, author of master classes and articles on style, a blogger from Stuttgart, Germany.

Contact her if you want to order a shopping service with a stylist in Stuttgart and Metzingen Outlet, for advice on online style, as well as other issues of your trip in the Stuttgart region.


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