Issue #4: doTERRA Comes to New Jersey


Renee Hardt

doTERRA Comes to New Jersey



doTERRA is on the road this spring with their Healthy Habits for Life tour, making stops all throughout the US and Canada. On April 25, 2019, doTERRA came to Teaneck, New Jersey, a favorite location in the tri-state area. I am blessed and honored to have had the chance to speak at the event once again.

The discussion at the tour stops centers around healthy habits, which are any behaviors that benefits your physical, mental, and emotional health. These habits improve your overall well-being and make you feel great. The goal of the forum is to inform audience members about simple habits to help them live a healthier and more vibrant life with the ultimate goal of living younger, longer.

In celebration of this year’s tour, doTERRA created a Daily Habits wellness kit that includes supplements and oils. I was commissioned to educate about the Lifelong Vitality supplements. My job was easy – as I use these products daily, and I’m so much better for it! The supplement pack includes a multivitamin, omega blend, and cellular support blend.

My conversation began with helping the audience understand the doTERRA wellness pyramid – a structure with six components – starting at the bottom with nutrition and working upward to exercise, sleep and stress management, reducing your toxic load, informed self-care, and topping off with proactive medical care. The doTERRA belief is that when the bottom four tiers, all lifestyle choices, are the focus, health is naturally achieved and maintained.

As stated, the foundation of wellness is nutrition. I shared how according to the AMA and supported by a mountain of research, nutrition is the #1 cause of poor health. In fact, the biggest modern-day health concerns are cardiovascular and metabolically-related, which are deeply rooted in how we fuel our bodies. Additionally, it’s no secret that the foods we eat in the United States are very high in calories and usually processed. Ironically, we are consuming more and we are actually getting less of the essential nutrients our bodies need. Even those with a diet rich in whole foods and healthy fats are not meeting all the recommended guidelines for those micronutrients. The sad fact is that our food is not the same quality it once was due to factors like mass production, soil depletion and increased use of pesticides, herbicides and hormones, not to mention genetically modified consumables. Poor nutrition leads to a host of deficiencies, such as fatigue, mood swings, joint discomfort, unhealthy skin or hair or nails.

While this sounds dire, I then enlightened the audience with the good news: You have the power to change this condition. The answer is simple – supplementation. Eating right also includes daily dietary supplements to ensure optimal levels of key nutrients. It’s a powerful way to provide the body with adequate vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. I did emphasize that not all supplements are the same, however. The space is unregulated, which means that a buyer cannot trust what is on a label or the ingredients listed. It is critical to know the integrity of the company when purchasing. The other significant consideration is the formulation of the supplements. Traditional vitamins are hard-packed, which means it is nearly impossible for the body to properly metabolize and digest them. This results is their excretion through urine. Therefore, it’s not just about taking  supplements – it’s about taking the “right” supplements.

doTERRA to the rescue! The Lifelong Vitality (LLV) supplements are loose-packed, whole-foods based. Because of the bioavailability of the nutrients, one’s body is able to readily use the micronutrients present. Another critical piece of understanding is that the recommendations made by doTERRA for the LLV are backed by science. doTERRA has exhaustively reviewed each ingredient in LLV. Every claim they make is supported by clinical research, and that is integrity you can trust.

I invite you to consider the supplements you use. While people are living longer, many do not have the vitality and wellness they could be experiencing. A person may live more years, but he could be living with a chronic disease, pain, exhaustion. These are conditions we can be proactive in addressing so that our entire life experience is one of strength, energy, and joy. Remember, the ultimate goal is to live younger, longer.