Leonid Belenitsky. Issue 4. Dear Readers

Dear readers!

Our magazine “Acupuncture Yoga Reiki” is already a year old.

During this time we found wonderful authors, strategic advertisers, held many meetings, participated in conferences and fundraising events, made donations to public nonprofit organizations, held several altruistic actions.

And we definitely like our activities.

We distribute printed copies of our magazine to authors, advertisers, clients, students of our courses. Our print run is 500 copies. We also sell electronic copies on Amazon Kindle.

All our authors are registered by us in the ISBN agency and Amazon.

Each our author has his/her own page on the website of the magazine. For some authors, we also create a free page on Acupuncture & KYI website.

We advertise our authors on Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Acupuncture Karma Yoga Institute website. Similarly we advertise all of our sponsors.

We still need new authors, sponsors and advertisers. Authors – most needed. For this issue we’ve set ourselves a goal to register at the Library of Congress. Going forward we also plan to work with SmashWords and other similar platforms. This is what we, our authors and advertisers want and need.

This spring, the staff of Acupuncture Yoga Reiki magazine participated in the Friendship Circle of Central Jersey Walk 4 Friends major fundraising event. We were a “RUN SPONSOR” among other businesses that support this movement to benefit special needs children. We would like to acknowledge the great work of volunteers and excellent management throughout the entire charity event.

Translation from Russian into English: AD Consulting LLC

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