Second chapter. The mission of a yoga instructor and the Book of his Fate

The second chapter continues both storylines from Mathara himself and his Guardian Angel. The second chapter contains 13 stories from the 11th to the 24th. The Guardian Angel analyzes the Book of Fate of Mathara in order to implement his project on the organization of the School of Spiritual Development. Mathara is captured by a lecture of his yoga Teacher on “Human Mission on Earth”.

The list of situations of the Second chapter:

11. The Angel. Selection of the Founder of the School. (Adoption of the new)
12. Angel of the First Step. Mentor’s help. (Influence on a human)
13. Angels. The Book of Fate of Mathara. (Sources of energy of Yoga and Sansara)
14. Mathara. Dream “Running from wolves. Anubis”. (The dream space is open to all)
15. Angel of the First Step (A.F.S.) at work. (Channel of communication with the adept)
16. Mathara. Professor and library. (Self-education or Swadhyaya)
17. The arrival of the Teacher. Beginning of the 3rd year of the School. Path. (Three School’s Missions)
18. A.D., Kedsky and Mathara. (Doubt is one of the obstacles in yoga)
19. Mathara. 1986. Statement of facts. (Success comes at maximum energy)
20. Mathara. Sleep. An attempt to get on the Path. (Is it possible to manage your sleep?)
21. Maurice Meterlink. Kedsky calls at night. (The one who seeks will always find)
22. The arrival of the Teacher. April 1987. (Correlation of different paths in yoga)
23. After meeting with the Guru. (Any knowledge needs to be confirmed)
24. From the report of the captain of the KGB Sinitsyn. (Spirituality and Money)

– Angel, are you here?

– Yes, Mathara, I’m in touch.

– And when will my mission end?

– When you decide, then it will end. There are many missions. Continue your training.

(From 1990 meditation on Earth time, Ukraine, Kharkov)


Leonid Belenitsky Books
Translation from Russian into English: AD Consulting LLC