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I have always been interested in the hidden abilities of a man, those that yoga discovers in you.

During school and student years (1978-1985) I gathered about yoga everything that I could find. And all that I found, I tried to bring into my practice.

When I began to teach yoga (1986-2012), everything I read I reprocessed myself again and again.

Many times I changed the training technique, reread primary sources for yoga and found a lot of information missed by me in the process of studying yoga, in the “Mahabhara”, “Upanishads”, “Yoga-Sutras” of Patanjali.

Two years before the publication of my book “Technology of the Path” (the book was published in 1998), I gave up a lot of techniques which did not produce any results. Already in the US, the idea came to “disclose yoga from the end”. So the name was born “Yoga of the reverse spiral”.

I have analyzed my karmic life path again and again. It’s amazing how many dead-end paths I have walked in my quest.

Oddly enough, getting a master’s degree in acupuncture after graduating from Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine (Montclair, NJ), put many accents into place in the practice of obtaining energy from exercise.

In this novel-textbook, I try to convey the atmosphere of my search for truth on the path to developing abilities.

I realized that mass School is possible only at the beginning stages. For advanced adepts, the general group method is unacceptable. School is a stream of basic knowledge. Flow must “line up” the student through practice. School should aim the student to acquire skills and states rather than bringing an avalanche of informational non-practical blocks. And yoga should immediately begin with the “unity” in every exercise.

The Spiral of the Path of the eight steps is completed by Samadhi. But if before reaching the Absolute the Path is infinite, the Path of merging with the “Yoga-sutra” each yoga instructor can begin today. It can be said that “Yoga of the reverse spiral” is my report for practicing yoga, Chigan, Taichi, acupuncture on energy management practices and fusion (unity) at different stages with objects of knowledge.

I understand, perhaps for someone it is difficult and tedious. But, as they say now, this is the text for “advanced users”. After the author’s foreword will be more fun.

For many years I had the feeling that I was “led” on the Path. I draw this conclusion based on many wonderful matches, meetings, statistically incredible book finds and other amazing things. This secret guide I called the angel (in the novel – the Angel of the First Step). I was then a novice yoga instructor (you could say the instructor of the first step). You hold in your hands not only a textbook, but also a novel of my personal adventures. Maybe this is an occult novel. Maybe fantastic. Maybe almost psychiatric. Or occult-psychiatric. After all, everyone has his own perception. And business-political goals, when educating students, each instructor has his own.

On my Path, I met both teachers of Light and teachers of Darkness. Recognized disguised scrapers, hiding under the guise of teachers. Tried to listen to candid fools who considered themselves to be the highest level specialists… That’s life.

Did I find siddhi on this path? Of course. Everything starts with small, as long as you search.

Does it make sense to explain the result of union with Achimsoy or Satya on these pages? You can try, but … You can read other people’s notes about Italy, or you can go to Italy yourself. The blind groped the elephant. Then tried to describe. Famous parable.

I consider it necessary to make public all my mistakes on path of Spiritual Development. In order to indicate dead ends. Instructors should be familiar with mistakes of different spiritual schools. It saves energy and sometimes helps not to step on the same rake. Of course, I want to publish my findings, because “the time of the secret yoga has passed”, as said one master.

I consider it necessary to teach my students the Practice of Recognition, the practice of Sathya helps in this. It is necessary, as the names of some schools do not correspond to their practical content. Their names promise what they cannot give. And there is no need to call their names.

I understand that criticism cannot correct mistakes. Errors get corrected by Awareness and Practice of Recognition. I also believe that every Soul has the opportunity to see their mistakes after the incarnation, before the new birth. But, in my opinion, it is better to fix at least something during this life.

All the characters in this book are fictional, including the author. After all, both the author and the book itself are illusory.

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Translation from Russian into English: AD Consulting LLC.