First chapter. Everybody has his Mission on Earth

The action begins in Ukraine immediately after Chernobyl disaster. Yoga instructor Mathara practices yoga and meditation and learns to manage his states. Mathara has a Guardian Angel, whose goals differ from the goals of the Book of Fate of Mathara. Guardian Angel is looking for an adept on Earth to implement his Project.

The list of situations of chapter one:
1. April 26, 1986 (Fate to be saved – Destiny to stay)
2. Sleep. Whirlpool in the sky (Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Worlds)
3. Angel of the First Step. Mission on Earth (Invisible World of Heaven)
4. As always, or Mathara Yoga Instructor (Meditation World)
5. The Angel. Day One (Invisible Worlds Projects)
6. From the report of the captain of the KGB Sinitsyn (Control over human thinking)
7. June seminar with the teacher from Moscow: exams (Fate can be chosen)
8. Surya-Namaskar (Energy is needed for development)
9. Teacher in the background of the Moon (How to see Ocean in the drop of water)
10. Mathara. The way home (“To see the invisible”)

– Destiny? There is nothing easier!
Destiny – like a woman – is always covered with a cover of mystery!

But these covers can be thrown off by those who draw on Fate (or on woman) their full ATTENTION.
Attention is the main currency of the Invisible World.
When a person pays attention to his Fate – Fate opens up in front of him.
– And what about “concentration of attention”?
– “Concentration of attention” is just a “currency” of a higher order.
(From the controversy of the two theosophists of the dark ages)


Leonid Belenitsky Books
Translation from Russian into English: AD Consulting LLC