The action of this text occurs in three worlds: real, ordinary, social world, where we all live, in the World of Ancestors and the World of the Higher Forces.

The World of Ancestors is the genetics of many generations, which everyone has. In my book, this genetics comes to life and communicates with her carrier in the image of long-dead relatives of the main hero. Only a few can grasp the World of their Ancestors, but the immediate relatives live in our memory, while this memory is maintained by the body condition.

The World of Higher Powers is a multi-stage and heterogeneous space that is disclosed to each according to their level of understanding, intelligence, awareness, meditative education and experience. Each has its own Fate, and this term exist already for several thousand years. But everyone has their own  interpretation of this term, maybe this is right. It’s up to you if your Fate is governing you or not. But the power of Destiny is one of the aspects of the manifestation of the Higher Forces in our Life. There are other aspects. The World of Higher Powers I named the School of Angels.


Leonid Belenitsky Books
Translation from Russian into English: AD Consulting LLC.