9. Teacher in the background of the Moon (How to see Ocean in the drop of water)


September. 1986, Ukraine, Kharkov, Gorky Park, near the stadium “Dynamo”


– Who are you?

– I am your angel.

– Did I die?

– No, you just sleep.

– How did you appear?

– I was always here. It’s just that you couldn’t see, hear and feel me.

– And now I suddenly can? Has something changed?

– Yes, it has changed. Your consciousness cleared.

(year 1990 on Earth, Ukraine, Kharkov)


– Angel, and what is “Spiritual vision”?

– This is a difficult term, Mathara. “Spiritual vision” means to see not with the eyes, but with the Soul. The term “Spiritual vision” is opposite to the term “superficial judgment”.

“To See with the Soul” means “to see invisible”. For example, you look at yourself in a mirror and what do you see? Your face, maybe your emotions. And I can see your losses, your sorrow, your past grievances, your past reincarnations, your problems in the future, your long-dead ancestors, your acupuncture meridians, your aura, your Soul.

For me, it all depends on how I tune on an object.

(excerpt from the astral dialogue of 1990)


Our Guru came from Moscow to Kharkov once a month. Every month we studied with him a new set of exercises, listened to his lecture and asked questions. Between the visits of the Teacher, his student conducted classes with us twice a week. But the happiest time for me was always after lessons with the Guru. Students ran home. And my friends and I accompanied Teacher. It was a short period of time for private conversations and questions. My favorite time.

In 1986, we had been studying with Teacher from Moscow for two years. And the favorite topic of the questions was the topic “The Development of Spiritual Vision”.

– So should we learn to see or feel energies? – our little group pestered Teacher with questions.

– I don’t see anything at all. I feel energy in Asana. But I can not see.

– Some colors come to me, but the color does not move – it appears and disappears.

Guru sighed wearily and stopped walking. He looked up at the full glowing Moon.

– Look up, – Teacher said, – to the moon. Now relax your eyes. See the background around the moon?

Someone said:

– Yes I see.

But the rest did not see anything except the Moon. And suddenly I saw. There was indeed a blue glow around the Moon. But I have always seen this since childhood. Was it really the energy?

– Relax your eyesight enough to see two Moons. Got it? Now let relaxation go, and let the two Moons unite. This is a good workout for your vision. The same field can be seen around people, if you practice. You need to remember this all the time and practice the ability to see the invisible. The practice of developing a vision should be important to you. Practice must become a necessity. The practice of developing a vision is required for each instructor and for each healer.

– Well, this is still far away, – many failed to see.

After all these answers to our stupid questions, Teacher looked tired. But we wanted to know, but he wanted to convey knowledge. And it united us. It was an eternal process of transferring knowledge from the source to the consumer. And in this process of knowledge transfer, the consumer often needed an intermediary who could answer all the questions. This role was assumed by teachers. Since ancient times, kings and nobles have studied martial art, literacy and history of their own kind. Then dancing, court etiquette, and foreign languages ​​were added to the learning process. Sermons were read in the church for ordinary people – commoners are not supposed to know how to read and write. Artisans had their own students. Merchants had their own. Sailors had their own. But, besides nobles and commoners, at all times and in all countries there existed a small group of healers, herbalists, magicians, sorcerers and wizards. In each group, knowledge was transferred in its own way. Then came schools and universities. The University of Constantinople (The Imperial University of Constantinople) was founded in the 425th year. Oxford University (The University of Oxford) was founded in the 1,096th year. The Sorbonne University of Paris was founded in 1,257th year. The Harvard University was founded in 1,636th year. Gradually, universities began to teach disciplines in almost all areas of ancient and modern natural science.

Except yoga. For many centuries, the knowledge of Yoga was closed for a Western explorer.

Some researchers believe that yoga exists on Earth for more than 10,000 years. It means that knowledge was somehow transferred from Teachers to their students. Yoga is mentioned in the Rigveda, and the Rigveda was compiled around 1700-1100 years B.C.

This period is conventionally called Pre-Classical Yoga. The main text of the Classical period of Yoga is considered “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali. The “Yoga Sutras” were compiled around 400 A.D. But Yoga has always been a secret teaching. Many ancient texts say that you need to keep yoga knowledge secret. Yoga began to spread in the West only in the so-called Modern Period of the history of Yoga, which dates 1800-1900 years. Swami Vivekananda spoke in 1893 at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago and then founded several centers for the study of Hindu philosophy (vedanta) in New York and London.

It was during this period that Sir John George Woodroffe translated about 20 tantric treatises on yoga from Sanskrit into English. His book “The Serpent Power” was published under the pseudonym of Arthur Avalon in 1918. It is from this book that the modern West learned about the existence of the cryptic mystical energy of Kundalini. In the same book was described the system of human Energy centers, which are called Chakras.

Of course, you can study the original sources of yoga in libraries. Or you can ask endless questions the one who declared himself a Teacher. Actually teachers exist exactly for this reason.

Teacher tried to show us a faint glow of light around the Moon. This radiance should have been noticed with a relaxed vision. This radiance could be compared with a drop of occult knowledge. And collecting such tiny knowledge drop by drop, we have to find our ocean. The ocean of occult knowledge. But it is very difficult to look at a drop of water and hypothesize the existence of the oceans. But “The Path begins with the first step”. And the ocean begins with a drop of water. And knowledge is collected bit by bit. We were no exception. For us, the journey to the World of Occultism has just begun. So it all began with the contemplation of the radiance around the Moon.

Of course there were rumors in the occult environment:

  • about mysterious healers who perform surgeries with the help of energy of hands;
  • about mysterious psychics who see the field around a person (aura) and internal organs better than any X-Ray machine;
  • about famous fortune tellers who can almost exactly predict your fate.

These rumors were akin to 1001 nights’ tales of powerful genies and efreets, who performed magic and conjured in various ways, using different magic items and tools.

But rumors are rumors, and people want knowledge.

We almost arrived to our destination, but did not want to part with Teacher. The guru came only once a month, and during that time some would stick to him thoroughly.

– Teacher, why should we be instructors and healers? Aren’t we learning just for ourselves?

– Yes, it is true, the Guru grimaced and said: – But some of you need this. This is their Mission on Earth.

– And what is “Mission on Earth”?

– Let’s talk about this at the lecture tomorrow. Good night. Thank you, – Teacher said goodbye to all.


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