7. June seminar with the teacher from Moscow: exams (Fate can be chosen)


(June 15, 1986. Kharkov.)


“Memory is a consequence of storing images of perceived

items and impressions that reappear in our conscious”

(from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. School 1.11

First century B.C.)


From recollection of the headman of the “First Kharkov Group” Vladimir Y. (V.N.Y.)

The Teacher always seemed like an ordinary person.

But when he began to speak, people could listen to him without rest and sleep.

Our Teacher is of average height, skin color is a bit dark, like after tanning at an expensive resort. Gray hair. The mustache is always neatly trimmed. The mustache is also gray. Lips not fat, but not thin either. The face is intelligent, the eyes are always compassionate. Eye color – brown. The ears are large, but not protruding. Lots of hair surrounds a small bald spot in front. The Teacher is stocky and not skinny. Even with a small tummy, which can wonderfully be drawn in during yoga exercises. The Teacher is 57 years old and he was born in 1929. He easily does full lotus and also easily performs headstand – Sirsasana.

Why did the Teacher assign me to be the headman of the First Group? Because out of 400 people, only I have a proletarian background, I do not have a university education and work as a construction worker. All others in our group are PhD’s and engineers.

Our group has been studying with the Teacher for 2 years. Between the “arrivals” of the Teacher, the class is led by his student, a graduate of the Institute of Physical Education – Vitaly K. (V.I.K). With the arrival of the Teacher to Kharkov, a new period began in my life. Light appeared in my Destiny. Actually every month I have only two happy days. These are my two days in the shadow of the Teacher. The rest of my everyday life is work at a construction site and difficult family relationships. Constant stress at work and at home makes it impossible to relax. I began to feel differently when yoga came into my life. Unfortunately, after 2 years of classes, I never managed to master the Lotus position. Perhaps this is because of the work at the construction site: the eternal dampness and bad shoes turned my joints into a piece of wood. But I dream of becoming a yoga instructor and forgetting my work at a construction site, like a bad dream.

The Teacher allowed our entire group to take part in the “yoga instructor” exam, but only 24 people signed up for that test. From 400 – only 24. I was one of the first to sign up. Practically everyone from the examination list are respectable people with great life experience. Only one student signed up – Leonid. He is only 24 years old. But he is unlikely to become an instructor – he is yet to raise kids and climb the ladder.

From recollection of the artist Alex Kissa (First Kharkov Group)

I have been attending this “school” for two years now.

With all the shortcomings of the “school” and “guru” I attend all classes regularly.

I have been practicing yoga for 20 years, and with our “guru” only two years. Surprisingly, all the yoga groups in the Soviet Union were always under the supervision of the KGB. People were not given the opportunity to get together, yoga literature was confiscated. Yoga practice was incompatible with Communism. And here everything is open. Classes are held officially. The word “yoga” is not mentioned in a whisper, but out loud. People in police uniform do not interfere with conducting yoga classes. Miracles. Has the state security of the Soviet Union ceased to control “dissenters”?

With my experience in the practice of yoga, attending the first and second courses of the “school” was not so interesting. But the classes of the Moscow Guru were inexpensive. Quite inexpensive compared to the prices of books on yoga on the black market… In Soviet bookstores, books on yoga were not sold at that time. Everyone remembers this. And in the underground book market, yoga books were expensive. Oh how expensive!

I went to all classes and waited, what will happen next? Let’s see what does it mean “setting on the path” in the understanding of our “guru”. And there it is up to me to decide whether to leave or stay. How deep is his knowledge of yoga? The answer to this question turned out to be extremely difficult to get – around our “guru” there is always a crowd of active old women with their questions about various diseases. Maybe these grandmothers will be afraid of “setting on the path”, and the group will decrease by 70%?

What is in understanding of G.G.S. “setting on the Path” means?

I am not going to take that exam for “instructors”. All the same, the control of the KGB for the dissidents, especially the yogis, has not been canceled yet. At one time, I had enough “communication” with KGB officers when Hare Krishnas were imprisoned under the  Article 227 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Some were imprisoned for a year, others for 5 years with confiscation of property. Krishnaites were also prosecuted under articles 198th, 209th for “vagrancy,” “parasitism,” “violation of the passport regime.” For this, becoming a “certified yogi” is not my way. Yogi is the status of the Soul and no diploma can confirm or cancel this status.

Meeting with the Teacher. Abstract of Leonid Belenitsky

June 15, 1986. Kharkov. Saturday. 10 am – 2 pm.

The Teacher congratulated our group on the transition to the 3rd year of the School.

The third course of the School is different from the first two years of study “setting on the Path”.

Those who practiced yoga for health can continue with exercises. But “setting on the Path” is not necessary for them.

Those who will go through the “setting on the Path” procedure will intensively begin to develop spiritually.

Any spiritual development is associated with the process of Learning.

If, after 2 years of study at our School, you have mastered the methods of controlling Prana or body energy, you will be able to develop faster. If you have not yet learned to control energy or Prana, then you better go to the younger group. My second group in Kharkov will come after you and we will start the second year program.

I will be “setting you on the Path”.

You will have to go on the Path by yourself and using your own energy.

Moving along the Path requires a lot of energy or Prana.

If you still do not know how to gain energy in yoga exercises, you will not be able to advance along the Path of spiritual development.

I repeat that you should have mastered the practice of gaining energy in yoga exercises during the first and second years of study at our school.

During the two years of study at the School, You also had to learn:

  • burn off dirty energies in yourself with the help of Surya Namaskar complex (Sun Salutation)
  • fill your energy channels with solar energy using Surya Namaskar
  • accelerate the movement of energy inside your body by performing static Asanas
  • to gain energy or Prana with the help of breathing exercises or Pranayama

During the two years of study at the School, You also had to acquire the skills:

  • the skill of saving your personal energy in social life
  • the skill of recognizing people who pull out your personal energy
  • the skill of using your personal energy in solving your life problems

Those who did not find the strength, time, desire, patience to acquire the necessary skills can visit my second group in Kharkov. This group has just moved to the second year of study, and you can repeat everything again.

For those who can “move along the Path”. You have to go through several steps. I can talk about the first three steps now. It makes no sense to discuss other steps now.

The first step of the Path – the awareness of your own roots. Your family tree. Your past rebirths. That is, each of you has roots. These roots may be different. The roots are the source of your main, base energy that you received at birth and upbringing. You will have to study only two roots: the history of your Kin and the history of your Past lives on Earth. Past lives are often called Reincarnations. A family tree can also be called your heredity, your genetics. We can say that there are some family traditions in your roots. Heredity is not only genetic diseases. Talent for music or military affairs or other abilities can be transferred ancestrally.

Past lives or Reincarnations have nothing to do with the history of your Kin. But we will talk about this later.

On the second step of the Path you have to realize your place in the society of your city or country. The days of cave yoga, when people ran away from social problems into forests and caves, are long gone. Every yogi must learn to solve his social problems. To solve these problems, you need energy and solution skills for each individual problem. When you learn to solve your social problems, you will be able to move along the Path at a different speed. For now this information about the second step is enough for you. Naturally, to advance along the second step of the Path, you will have to master the first step.

On the third step of the Path, you will meet with the World of Feelings. Not with feelings in general – but with the World of your feelings, which is inside you. From the worlds of feelings and your emotions or emotional reactions. It can be and envy and jealousy and laziness. All these emotions affect you. You will have to learn to manage these emotions if you want to move along the Path. To feelings will be a completely different approach, as opposed to working with emotions. But we will talk about this later. I can say that any dark emotions like envy, jealousy, laziness, stubbornness strongly pollute your energy channels, block your chakras, slow down your progress along the Path.

Questions and answers.

Question from the audience: Teacher! But what about the Path to Samadhi? To Nirvana? Not a single yoga book has this Path that you are offering us.

Teacher’s Answer: Why? Everything is in ancient books. You just expect the old truths to be dressed in the same clothes as today… One of the ancient Teachers, Patanjali, writes in his Yoga Sutra: “doubt, apathy, laziness are obstacles on the Path”. This is from the first part of the Yoga Sutra, shloki 130-131. “An obstacle to yoga can be deception, greed, anger, ignorance”. This is from the second part of the Yoga Sutra. Sloka 2.34. This is the influence of emotions and feelings on the advancement of a student. We will study the ability to get away from the influence of negative emotions on the third step of the Path. If you learn to solve your social problems and successfully pass the second step of the Path, your social problems will not be able to affect your ability to concentrate. And you can fully concentrate on your Spiritual Development. For this, I suggest that all of you pass the exam on the status of “yoga instructor.” If you can make teaching yoga your main job in society, then your concentration on aspects of yoga will be much higher. Those people who find the strength to make teaching yoga their main profession will be able to move along the Path of yoga much faster than other students. It is about the Path. And it’s too early for us to speak about Samadhi as the last step of yoga. First learn to gather enough energy and use this energy for your practice of spiritual development and improvement.

Question from the audience: Teacher! And the Path of raising the Kundalini? Does the program of our yoga School have this practice?

Teacher’s Answer: You can raise the Kundalini when all your channels or meridians are completely cleared. This means that you have overcome your negative emotions. To date, we have not reached this point yet. In addition, to raise the Kundalini, you need to see or feel what you are going to raise. If you do not see and do not feel, how are you going to raise the Kundalini? There is no such practice in the program of our school. But when you are ready, everything will happen by itself. Raising Kundalini is accompanied by the release of enormous amounts of energy into your nervous system. If your channels are polluted and your chakras are closed, then where will this energy begin to move? By the way, when some teachers promise you to raise the Kundalini, it is not always true. A yogi who has learned this practice has no malice, discontent, pretensions, greed, or slander. Furthermore, raising Kundalini leads to the disclosure of various super-normal abilities. Therefore, it is much easier to talk about raising Kundalini than to be able to work with this strong energy.

Question from the audience: Teacher! And when will we be opening the Third Eye?

Teacher’s Answer: The opening of the Third Eye, or the Ajna Chakra, is again connected with the purification of the meridians and channels of the body. Opening of the chakra of the Third Eye is a multistage gradual process. During the second year of study, we learned and practiced eye gymnastics. If you practiced Eye gymnastics regularly for 15-20 minutes a day, then you for sure saw pale lines around your fingers. For the development of vision through the chakra of the Third Eye, you need to practice the skill of seeing different colors with your eyes closed. This skill develops the same way as any other skill – constant training. If you can only do 15 pushups, then how much do you need to practice to do 40 or 50 pushups? The same is with the Third Eye. The regularity of the workout is very important. During the first year of study, we practiced the exercise “Contemplation of the sun at sunset”. You need to look at the sun at sunset, then close your eyes and see the image of the sun with your eyes closed. The same exercise can be practiced with candles or contemplating a fire. Practice. Nothing will open without regular exercises. But “to see the invisible” is possible and many people know how to do it.


– Energy is required for Spiritual development and progress along the Path. You constantly need to gain Energy or Prana. If you work at a university and do yoga in the evenings, then the maximum you can do is 1-2 hours a day. If you work as a yoga instructor, then with each of your groups you practice yoga 2 hours a day. And if you teach in two groups every day, you practice yoga 4 hours a day, plus you can still work out on your own for 1-2 hours. And that’s 5-6 hours. Your development will significantly accelerate. Now you have the opportunity to choose another Destiny. You can choose and change your Fate. But no one knows how to do it. And even if one knows, he cannot use this knowledge due to lack of free energy. But if you want to change your Destiny, then the exam on the “yoga instructor” is just for you.

Headman of the first group! Give me the list of people who want to take the “yoga instructor” exam.

Thank you. So we have only 24 people. Not much. But for the first exam is enough. Group, move back. Thank you. Those wishing to take the exam – sit down in the first and second rows…


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