5. The Angel. Day One (Invisible Worlds Projects)


Angel of the First Step on the cloud in the “loneliness” mode

– Breathing begins with an inhale.

– A drawing begins with a dot.

– A path begins with the first step.

– Destiny begins with an act.

– A project starts with an idea.

(from the student’s abstract of the medieval school of philosophy)


He started. He was thinking. He modeled. He, an angel-in-training, creates School of Spiritual Development on Earth. And this will be his graduation project at the School of Angels. The theme of the Project must be approved by his Mentor – Angel of the Third Step. The Project itself should appeal to all of his Teachers, from the Angel of Karma to the Angel of Dreams.

“What is on the Earth, is also in Heaven”. “That which is above is like that which is below”.

Any model must be approved. Well, he tuned into the library. Angels have it easier than humans. Angels have as many energy centers, or chakras, as humans have. After all, man was created “in the image and likeness.” Angel, by the way, too. That is, angels have seven major chakras, just like humans. The difference is in control. Everything is blocked in humans. Chakras are blocked. Angels don’t have it blocked. So it was invented. According to the original project.

So, he tuned into the library. Tuned through a chakra. Through a certain petal. Each chakra has a different number of petals. Tuning to different petals leads to different spaces. He tuned into the library through a petal, which is responsible for the transformation and transfer of knowledge. He asked for access by topics: “Speed ​​of Spiritual Growth”, “Schools of Spiritual Development”, “Technology of the Path”, “Projects to create spiritual schools”. Information for angels only. Got access, created a document – on Earth it will be named Egregor. If it will be completed in Heaven. Egregor needs to get an approval. In this case, an approval from the Angel of the Third Step. After the approval, Egregor will become real, active, alive. Alive in terms of reality and in terms of time.

And the Angel of the First Step began to consistently answer the already existing questions. What kind of school can exist on Earth? For which people? What can be mastered practically? Who will be the perfect graduate of such a school? What can he do after graduation? What will happen on Earth if there will be 10, 100, 1000 graduates?

Suddenly the cloud stopped. The “loneliness” mode has been canceled. The Angel of the First Step was connected to something big. Everything was in a flash. The message was from the head of all graduates – Angel of the Third Step:

“Angel-1. Your experience in project management is limited. But we take into account the interests of novice angels. In addition, we received a “meditative request” from the Earth. This request is about the need for a school. School of Spiritual Development. The request on Earth has not been fully grasped yet. Therefore, you have the opportunity to form this need. The topic is open for you: “The School of Spiritual Development on Earth”. Congratulations. You can start. Your project is confirmed and approved”.

He was disconnected from something big. The “loneliness” mode got activated. The cloud continued its swim “along the blue.” Everything was in a flash. Silence. Sky.

…Somehow very casually. The theme of the project was approved. The time to implement the project is seven days. Seven days according to the “School of Angels” timeline.

The angel-in-training suddenly realized that deep silence pervaded the Heaven. Like calm before the storm. He remembered such silence in Heaven only once, when he was distributed to Angels. A thousand recruits, like him, stood in a crowd in front of a huge gate, beyond which the Other World began. This Other World was a blue hemisphere, which swam in layers of thick white clouds. As he approached the hemisphere, it rapidly increased in size until it blocked the whole horizon. Then a huge gate appeared, which was not there before. Clarions sounded and the huge gates dissolved by themselves, showing an opening into the world of wonderful colors, amazing forms, unearthly knowledge.

And at the same moment their studies have began in the “School of Angels”.

Out of 1,000 students only 200 remained by the end of their course. Nobody was asking what happened to the rest 800. There was no time for questions. Unearthly knowledge flowed streams, rivers, waterfalls. The gained knowledge had to be immediately turned into practical skills. It did not work for everyone. At the beginning a few students fell behind, then the total number of students began to decline rapidly.

And here he is a graduate. The theme of his Project is approved. He has 7 days to implement the Project on Earth.

Why only 7 days? Maybe because the whole Universe was created in 7 days? And only 7 days for projects of beginning angels is a tribute to the tradition… Or maybe this is another exam… A test of survival in the “School of Angels”. The test of survival, according to the discipline “Laws of Destiny”. This subject in the “School of Angels” was taught by the Master of Karma, the Angel of the Third Step. The subject “Laws of Fate” began with a short introduction with the loud title “Laws of the Universe” and after it branched into short courses: “Karma of Plants”, “Karma of Animals”, “Karma of a Man” and so on. The subject “Laws of Fate” concluded with a voluminous course “Laws of Angels”, with the condition that this course is limited by the laws of Fate for Angels of the First Step.

According to the “Laws of Destiny for Angels of the First Step”, a novice angel completed his internship when he was given a Name. The angel-in-training received his Name from a human, and only then became a full-fledged Angel.

But how to find a human who can believe in an angel and, all the more so, give an angel a Name. For this, there were “graduation projects”. In order to implement his Project on Earth, an angel-in-training must choose a human for himself. This person should “feel” his guardian angel. Feel, see, realize – you can use any words. But for all this, the novice angel had to develop such a person spiritually. Such spiritually developed people were called Adepts. Beginner angels have different tools for the spiritual development of their Adepts. For example, dreams. Angels-in-training cast dreams to their adepts. But before that, the adept had to be chosen, found, tested. The wrong choice of the adept led the Project to the failure and automatic expulsion of the intern from the “School of Angels” students.

According to the old tradition, the interns selected their adepts from students of philosophical, religious, magical and various other religious schools. There were of course exceptions to this rule.

But our Angel-in-training or Angel of the First Step was a monk in his past life on Earth, was a healer, was a practitioner of yoga. Therefore, he began to search for his adept among practitioners of various yoga schools.

One of these schools attracted his attention. This happened because the local government on Earth was seriously interested in the activities of this educational structure. The government paid no attention to other “schools” and their activities were quietly terminated by the authorities.

But why is there such a dense and tangible silence around in Heaven? Maybe he made a mistake somewhere?


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Translation from Russian into English: AD Consulting LLC.