4. As always, or Mathara Yoga Instructor (Meditation World)


– You can act and live in different spaces.

– Earth teaches us to walk. Water teaches us to swim. The wind teaches us to fly.

– If we can walk and swim, then learning how to fly is just a matter of time and readiness of Mankind to accept the new Reality.

– You can live and act in invisible spaces.

– One of those spaces is Dream World.

– The door to the Dream World opens up the ability to dream.

– For those who can not dream, you need to practice Meditation.

– For those who can dream, Meditation will help to develop this skill.

(from the abstract of a student of the Meditation School Swami Mathara. Year 1992)


It all started as always. As always, after a long meditation. Return to Earth reality with simultaneous opening of the eyes. It was morning, which clearly did not correspond to my night vision of time in the last dream. The body ached from stormy night wanderings. The back is like a stone. It would be necessary to write down the last dream, but there was no strength. It is more important to gain energy. A dream may or may not be forgotten. Let’s hold on with that dream for now.

Well, let’s begin. I crawl out of bed and slowly begin to warm up. Hands, legs, spine, neck. Foot over foot, lotus. Inhale. Imagine the coolness. Cool on the forehead. It does not work for a long time. There it is, the feeling has come. The coolness must be very clear, I know that for sure and I try my best.

I keep cool, concentrate on it. Waiting for the necessary condition. Cool down the back, inside the spine, to the Muladhara Chakra (the first energy center, located in the tailbone zone) and further down, to the center of the Earth. Contact with the core of the planet. Warm. Move the heat up to the solar plexus. Waiting for sensations.

The solar plexus is warm, it is Surya Chakra. Concentrate on the heat. Summon the fire. Contemplate the fire for a long time. Let the fire go, forget about it.

I drive consciousness down into the tailbone. Earth’s energy enters the body, gradually changing sensations of the organism. The vibration of the Earth bears the images of chernozem, mass, the planet, the hot earth’s core. Mentally I try to strengthen sensations, strengthen the channel of communication with the Earth. Energy continuously pulsates from the Muladhara Chakra to the core of the planet and back.

Life-giving force, pulsation, rhythm flow into my legs. Earth vibration makes legs heavy. The power of the earth enters my feet. Gradually, the body adapts to the energy of the planetary core, and the heaviness goes away. It becomes easy and calm, and warm. Energy begins to flow upwards.

Thought rises higher. From the sacrum up to five fingers. Swadhisthana Chakra. Sexual energy center. Pulsation. Chill. I am building an energy channel to the water, to the Ocean. I remember the feeling of contact with Water, with the sea, the feeling of cheerfulness, freshness, purity.

Then it goes faster and faster: meditation on Manipura Chakra. Umbilical energy center. Strength – Fire, then Surya Chakra – Sun. Then a few breathing exercises – pranayama – and meditation on the Anahata Chakra (heart energy center) – the element of Air.

Inhale. Holding my breath while inhaling – Kumbhaka. Firmly squeeze the muscles of the anus, buttocks, genitals – this is Muladhara Bandha. Retract belly on delay – it is Uddiyana bandha during the exhale. We increase the pressure from below and drag Apana (one of the five energies of the body) upwards. Rather, it happens by itself, of course if bandhi are well developed.

At the same delay, press the chin to the sternum – it is Jalandhara Bandha, lowering shoulders down. And squeeze air in the lungs as much as possible. The pressure is from the top to the bottom, and Prana (the main of the five energies of the body) has gone down. Down to meet with Apana.

Then meditation on Vishudha (throat energy center), Ajna (the Will energy center, located between eyebrows), Sahasrara chakras (energy center at the top of the head). And above, all the way up, we meditate on the Ursa Major constellation, the Polar Star, the Milky Way galaxy.

And back. Because it’s time. The analysis of the dream cannot wait. It will leave, melt away.

That night I had a dream about a whirlwind, a whirlpool into the sky. And in this dream I flew from the top of the mountain in Foros, in the Crimea. Maybe radiation in small doses opened up something in me.

Maybe the very fact of the Chernobyl disaster changed my attitude to life.

But I wanted to fly in the Sky. And the power of this motivation was taking me to a new flight.

There were emotions, sensations, happiness in these flights. A lot was in these flights. But they did not have only one thing – the hustle of life. This “Groundhog Day” in which you wake up again and again. And the life of an engineer in the Soviet Union is such a “Groundhog Day.” Every new day is the same. Hopelessness. Despair. Poverty. Misery. And it is impossible to break out of this circle (or “Groundhog Day”). It is impossible for most. But maybe I will try?

Maybe I will be able to change my Fate?

But I did not know how to do it. I didn’t even have some basic plan. I just repeated to myself every morning that I wanted to build a bright and happy life. I want to help people. I want to serve some great Cause. Now I understand that in this prayer to Heaven I was asking for myself the “Mission on Earth”.

Has my prayer “reached” the Heaven? I do not know. It is not for me to judge.

But I’ve put so much of my personal energy into this request, that my prayer became a reality.


Leonid Belenitsky Books
Translation from Russian into English: AD Consulting LLC.