3. Angel of the First Step. Mission on Earth (Invisible World of Heaven)


– That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing”

(Hermes Trismegistus “The Emerald Tablet”)

– The invisible is what others do not see.

– Invisible objects can be in the dark, undiscovered planets, radio waves, thoughts of others and own mistakes. Many ideas, inventions, discoveries were previously invisible to many.

(from the student’s abstract of the medieval school of philosophy)


Believe it or not, but a great number of legends have been created about the invisible World and a lot of books have been written. Not only the ancient shamans were able to move to the World of Spirits. Not only Orpheus was looking for Eurydice in the realm of the dead. Not only Hindu philosophers wrote about the Worlds of Ancestors, Gods and Men. Not only in the Scandinavian mythology there is a city of gods – Asgard.

The structure of the Spiritual Worlds is described in Kabbalah, in the book of Zohar. Invisible Worlds are described in the philosophy of Buddhism. In Christianity there is the Kingdom of Heaven. The world of Angels is represented in the Koran.

About the Invisible Worlds is written so much that it is difficult to doubt their existence. Ultimately, did you personally see the planet Pluto? Only on the picture on the Internet? And the picture on the Internet is the main evidence? There are lots of articles about the Angels on the Internet as well… By the way, about the “invisible” planets …

The planet Pluto was discovered only in 1930 – before that, Pluto was an “invisible world.” The planet Neptune, too, was “invisible” until a certain time. The planet Neptune was discovered only in 1846 as a result of observations.

By the way, the existence of the planet Neptune was predicted in 1840 based on analysis of perturbations of the orbit of the planet Uranus. In the period 1840-1846, the planet Neptune was already predicted mathematically, but not yet open visually – the planet Neptune was the “invisible World.”

How many more “invisible worlds” do we have to learn about? The question is not only in distances. It is a matter of PERCEPTION. Not only the LIMITATION of “spectral sensitivity of the human eye”. We see (visible spectrum) only in the range of 380-780 nm. In the rest of the range around us lives “invisible World”. This World has its own laws and rules, its own structures and hierarchies. And this World throughout the history of Mankind is in contact with the World of humans. Do we feel this contact? Hardly… Maybe only a few people on Earth… But someday… this invisible World will become for us the same Reality as the discovery of the planet Pluto in 1840.

And now you will look into the life of one of the representatives of such “invisible Worlds”.

What is on the Earth, is also in Heaven” – he learned this on the first day of his stay. Stay where? Nowhere! There is no such place on any maps. In books on astronomy too. The word “Heaven” is! But how to get to heaven? Not on a plane. Rather, you can by plane, but this is not the heaven. After all, the heaven is not an atmosphere with clouds. The heaven is a dimension, another dimension.

Everyone has Fate, or story. HIS is the simplest. He lived and died on Earth. He was a monk. Then he left the monastery – got tired of talking and abiding by the rules. He wanted to act intuitively and live listening to his own feelings and moods. He lived in the mountains, in a cave. Washed with ice water. Breathed mountain air. Didn’t eat meat for many years. Often starved. He practiced yoga gymnastics and did breathing exercises as well. He was meditating. Then the abilities opened up. By themselves. He began to see, hear, feel.

Sometimes he changed into jeans and a white shirt and came down from the mountain to people. Or rather, he came down from the mountain, then walked for a long time to the train station, then rode a train and walked down some streets to a deserted city park. Not so simple and fast, but really came down. Stralled, looking for dreamers or those who didn’t feel good. Engaged in a conversation, helped them with an advice, healed, cleaned, energized. He gave them a lot of his energy. Then, tired, he was going back to his cave. Cleansed his aura, rested, visited heaven in his sleep. Then made a mistake, died, was distributed into Angels. Angels in the heaven. That’s the whole background. The story is about an angel. Angel of the First Step.

He wasn’t at all surprised of what was going on in Heaven. Somehow everything was businesslike, usual daily routine. Everyone did their job. He parted easily with his earthly body. It’s not that simple for most. But he was able to to it. Then he cooled off his earthly human emotions and affections. He waited in line to analyze his earthly deeds. The line was long. Enough time to reread his Book of Destiny.

Then there was the verdict. Then the awareness of his mistakes on Earth. Because everyone makes mistakes, it would be nice to grasp them. He wrote a report on the adjustment of his fate. The report was accepted. Rated. Not 100%, but above 85%. Then the School of Angels. All in white, of course.

The School has the usual subjects: “Laws of Destiny”, “Technology of the Way”, “Energy Sources for Spiritual Development”, many other subjects.

Many years passed on Earth. Or maybe just one second. He did not know. But he graduated from the School and even received the status, or rather, the title: “angel of the first step”. Other students also received the same title. In general, today he received a diploma. Like the other angels of the first step. And with a diploma, everyone was given temporary earthly bodies and permission to visit their future place of work. Graduate students rushed to Earth to hang out. Who where. He was the only one not to fly. He had nowhere to fly. He didn’t want to go to the cave, the more so to the monastery. In general, he took the cloud, turned on the “loneliness” mode and swam across the blue sky.

He was an ordinary angel. And he looked like an ordinary angel. White clothes, airy absolutely white wings. Of course, the past earthly life was a little revealed in the image of an angel-in-training. He was incredibly skinny, had naughty dark curly hair that stuck out in all directions and covered his ears. The intern had very wide long black eyebrows, which stood out against the background of his snow-white clothes. He could’ve taken for himself practically any appearance – the School of Angels allowed such changes. But the intern left himself the same appearance as when he was a monk on Earth. Not because he had no imagination. He simply understood that the internal appearance is more important than the external. After all, he was a monk in his Past life. And in this one he got into the “School of Angels”. And he was proud of his new status as an angel and didn’t yearn at all about his past earthly life. That was the reason why the angel-in-training did not fly to Earth with other graduates. After all, there is the same thing as here… “What’s up above is also down below”.

He had no need to procrastinate. He wanted to start. Of course, he had his own problem. We all have some problems. Of course if we continue to develop. Which Path to choose? Where to start? The problem of choosing the Path. Angel did not want to work with a specific person. He wanted something global, big. And he chose the School. The School of Spiritual Development. On Earth, of course. And why go on a simple Path? It’s not interesting! And he started immediately, right on the cloud.

Time was his major limitation. He had only seven days to solve his problem. Not Earth days of course. Seven days of an angel. An Angel-in-training of the First Step.

If he does not do it in seven days, he will have to leave this bright World and be born again on Earth.

He believed in himself. He believed that he would make it on time. Certainly will make it on time. Should make it on time. Must.

He really did not want to be born again as a human.

Leonid Belenitsky Books
Translation from Russian into English: AD Consulting LLC.