2. Sleep. Whirlpool in the sky (Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Worlds)

– Life without Changes is a swamp. For some, a swamp is a habitat.

– Straight line “back and forth” means movement. You can move “downstream” or “against.”

– The movement “downstream” is the path without any effort.

– Not everyone has the energy, desire, understanding where to put their efforts.

– Each movement has its own speed. But some personalities have in themselves the power to change this speed. That’s how acceleration is born. (Acceleration is a term from school physics).

– Not everyone is destined to move in a straight line. Some may choose their Path on their own. Not everyone does it. But everyone has “Freedom of choice.”

– “Freedom of choice” can be realized in motion in a straight line, on a plane, in space.

– Movement in three-dimensional space means flying.

(from the abstract of a student of a medieval school of philosophy)


My name is Mathara. This is the name I received at the Initiation. Mathara means “wanderer” or “traveler in different places.” Including the astral. I liked the name. Therefore, from the moment of my initiation I am Mathara. In ordinary life, my name is Leonid. Pupils call me Leonid Mikhailovich.

I was born in the USSR, in the city of Kharkov. I started practicing Yoga in 1978. Learned by reading books. I didn’t have a teacher. At the end of one of the books it was written: “When a student is ready – there will be a teacher”. I was then 16 years old. Year went by year, but there were no Teacher. Why? Then I did not understand, for various reasons. I got lucky only after 8 years. In 1984 I found my Teacher. Rather, he found me. He came to Kharkov from Moscow. I already knew a lot, because 8 years before my meeting with the Teacher, I read and mastered many books on yoga.

When I got into the group with Teacher, the speed of studying yoga changed. The flow of information has become completely different. But at some point I understood: the problem is not new information. The problem is to merge with this information. Everyone knows about the 8 steps in yoga. Everyone knows that the ultimate goal of yoga is “union with the Absolute”, or “unity with Nature”, or “merging with the Universe”. Few people think about the meaning of these words. But every big task can be broken down into many small ones. Therefore, before the “merger with the Absolute”, you can try an easier “unity”. And I tried to find “my light” for “unity” in a dream. And one day…

And once in a dream I flew. By chance, of course. I ordered a dream with meditation on a high mountain. With meditation on the highest point of this mountain. I tried to order this dream many times, and many times I did not receive it.

But I kept trying. I even changed the word “order” to the word “call”. I “called” this dream again and again. And finally I did it. I saw a dream with me at the top of the mountain, at sunrise. I was meditating on the sunshine. And at some point I flew.

I managed to be in this dream many times. A dream with meditation on top of a mountain was always different. I wasn’t always flying. But one day I was dragged out of this dream meditation somewhere further. Tightened, as in a whirlpool. Only it was a swirl into the sky. My mountain with its summit remained far below. And I soared in the sky in the gentle sun rays. And in this Heaven, I began to DISSOLVE off.

In the period from 1980 to 1985, I graduated from the engineering program at the Ukrainian Polytechnic Institute. You do not need to be an engineer to understand the difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space. For me, my flight in a dream meant a new practice of meditation. The practice of meditation in three-dimensional space.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces are everywhere, even in the practice of management. There are people who are proud of their 25 years long experience at the same workplace. They do not aspire upwards, their life passes “in one plane”. They expand the number of their working skills, get a new experience. But this experience is on the same plane. Or in almost the same plane without searching for steps to the top. And these steps exist. And the way up opens up three-dimensional space for us, where besides length and width there is also height… And they do not crawl upwards – they fly upwards.

Therefore, my meditative flight in a dream or in the lotus position opened in my occult practice a new door “in height”.

The first time I managed to fly in a dream. Then the “flight” became my usual meditative practice. I was doing yoga and meditation daily. But it took me five months of practice to guess about the existence of four-dimensional space. Time was added to the length, width and height. I was meditating on my past and saw myself in different years of my life.

In one of my meditations I managed to “see” my life mistakes. So I became interested in the concepts of “Fate” and “Karma”.

Of course, I thought a lot about the new “door to the fifth dimension”. But if you cannot move freely in four-dimensional space, then it is impossible to find “a door to a five-dimensional state”. And in the four-dimensional space there was not only the Past, but also the Future and the Present.

I could not “see” the future. In my Past I found many contradictory decisions, stubbornness, ignorance. With my present, it was all very difficult too. Therefore, I stopped looking for a “door to the five-dimensional space” and returned to my regular flight meditations “into the sky”.

Where did I “fly” from? Always from one point. I imagined myself in the Crimea, in Foros, on a mountain overlooking the Black Sea.

I also “flew” into my Past.

If the Future is blocked and the Present is foggy, we will “fly” where it’s possible. In one of these “flights” I “remembered myself” in the very early childhood and got into the state “before birth on Earth”. And what if this is the “key” to getting into my “past Reincarnation”?

Do not think that all these meditations were easy for me. Have you seen a man in a circus who can walk a tightrope? How many years did he learn this skill? So it is with meditation. Out of hundreds of attempts, one succeeds.

Need to try again and again.

There are people who can not swim.

There are people who know how to swim, but do not like to dive.

There are people who are afraid to dive deep.

There are people who are not afraid to dive deep, but they do not have enough air to reach depth.

So it is with meditation. Each meditation has its own depth of immersion. And not everyone can reach this depth. Some lack patience. Others lack imagination. Someone immediately falls into a dream as soon as they close their eyes.

What does “deep meditation” mean?

It is like in a dark room – at first solid black. Then the eyes adapt to the dark and you begin to distinguish the contours of objects. If you are in a dark room long enough – you have different new sensations. You didn’t have these sensations before. At each new stage of immersion, these sensations change and transform into new ones.

So it is with meditation.

New sensations enter your consciousness gradually and create their space. In this new space you begin your adaptation.

If you do not have enough PATIENCE – then you need to turn out this quality. That is, you have (relatively speaking) two ways. One way is to practice PATIENCE. The second way is to quit meditation and announce to everyone that this is the silliest thing to do. But if you do not have PATIENCE, then everyone will notice that. Your parents, teachers, bosses and friends. When you do not have patience you are being manipulated by car salesmen, a locksmith in your house, your boss. You can not negotiate, buy for a lower price, find good plane tickets. You will still have to learn PATIENCE.

Adaptation in the new meditative space requires the skill of ATTENTION CONCENTRATION. When a person has a weak CONCENTRATION – he always loses everything: car keys, passports, forgets somewhere his credit cards. When a person has a CONCENTRATION at an average level, he has a lot of started and unfinished business. These people are always busy and never finish anything on time. Developed CONCENTRATION allows you to pay attention to details. You see that your girlfriend is nervous, or your boss is looking at you and not listening to you. In meditation, you see changes in your space and you can observe the sequence of these changes.

PATIENCE in conjunction with CONCENTRATION reinforces the results of your immersion in meditation by many times. But for a successful meditation you need a third skill. This is a very strange skill. This skill is LET GO.

You can think of different names. LET GO of SITUATIONS that bother you. RELAX after a difficult day. FREE your brain from unnecessary thoughts.

DO NOT ATTACH to emotional outbursts of your consciousness.

The ability to LET GO is trainable. Just like the skills of CONCENTRATION and PATIENCE. By gradually training all three skills, you will be able to go deeper and deeper into meditation. Of course, at any level of immersion there are obstacles and problems.

I ran into a problem once. It was difficult to “return back” from some of these meditations The process of meditation, the depth of meditation absorbed me, tightened “in myself.” During those years I was not ready. This process ceased when I began to recall “who I am”. Who am I? I am a yoga instructor. I live HERE and NOW. There is Family, Work, and my Personal Spiritual Development in my life. I start my story from 1986. By that time I was doing yoga for 10 years: 8 years on my own and 2 years with the Teacher. By that moment I started to teach yoga to others. That’s how everything began.

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