13. Karma and Reincarnation Angels. The Book of Mathara’s Fate. (Yoga energy sources)

– Angel, are you here?

– Yes, Mathara, I am always with you. Almost always.

– Are you only my angel or someone else’s too?

– The question is simple, but the answer is complicated. Consider that we have a temporary union.

– And what is the common goal of our union?

– Execution of your Mission on Earth and my project in Heaven.

– When did your project start?

– According to the time of the Earth in 1986, when you started teaching yoga.

(Ukraine, Kharkov, 1990 Earth time)

In contrast to the graduates of the School of Angels, the angels of the third and second steps preferred to communicate in person. They had no restrictions on the use of earthly bodies. In addition, they were looking for “personnel for heaven” from the inhabitants of the earth. Third-step angels could travel in time. Together with an escort of course. Sometimes angels could fly into the near future.

One of these places in the future was a private sauna, not far from New York. On weekdays it was quiet and spacious. The kitchen and staff were top notch. There was a lot of chlorine in the pool and jacuzzi, but it didn’t bother angels. Or rather, did bother a lot, but everything is known in comparison. Angels of third step also visited “Mother SPA” bath complex in Montreal (Canada) and a sauna club in Bavaria (Germany), near Neuschwanstein Castle, in earth bodies, but this is a completely different story.

The mentor of angels (Angel of the Third Step) was accompanied by three professors of the School of Angels: the Angel of Karma, the Angel of Reincarnation, and the Angel of the Ancestral Tribal Heritage. The professors mostly asked, the Angel of the Third Step answered.


– Why does our student need a school, this is understandable. He just finished the School of Angels. Completely inexperienced. But why do you need such a project? There will be hell to pay. And your status may be reduced in case of a failure.

Mentor (Angel of the Third Step):

– Did you see his Destiny? He is the only angel with the energy of a reformer. I think that he is the last reformer at all in heaven. But he does not know it. And should not know. But we can not kill his project. We can limit it. Gently restrict. Limit in a way that angels of the fifth step would not complain.


– We already had problems with astronauts. At the beginning there was such a cautious project of angels-trainees about “flights into space”. And then? We had to transfer everything to another dimension. True, we improved everything through this transfer. But people are getting closer to us all the time. Writers write books about us, scientists make machines for seeing outside of human perception. This, of course, is not a problem, but still. Once in 100 years, one of the adherents of these theological schools makes direct contact with our dimension. And then the adept must be physically removed, or given the entrance to Eternity, or…

– Or admit our mistakes in the structure of their world and go about their business instead of ours. We can not allow the disclosure of our secrets in the world of people. This is understandable. But something else is dangerous for us: passage through the Path from the level of a person to the status of an angel during one incarnation.

– Come on. It never happened. Patanjali once wrote something and several fifth-step angels confirmed it. They got reborn on Earth in human bodies and in one incarnation came to Samadhi.

– At the same time they became so accustomed to their initial human status that they thought like people. The fifth step angels thought like humans. And we had to change everything. They made us. We have changed all plans for the development of the planet. Our plans for SLOW, gradual development of the Earth had to be changed! COMPLETELY changed!

Mentor (Angel of the Third Step):

– People won’t get to us anyway. If they get there, it’s not people anymore. Animals of the Earth have only one signal system. Man has a second. Only those who have a third signaling system get to us. And those are not people anymore. Rather, they look like people. Their consciousness is at a different level, the subconscious layers are open and there is a thin but steady exit channel to the layers of the superconscious. I will tell you that I will not allow any “through” passage. The adept of our angel, of course, must gain strength. And make a change. Make the MINIMUM change. That’s it. The project will be completed.


– Remember, we already had precedents. And we did not have enough time to reboot their brains. They destroyed our “slow progress” “to the ground, and then…”

– What will you do if a real Going appears? Who will gain so much energy that he can remake our whole world? Both ours and the one we built for people.

Mentor (Angel of the Third Step):

– We will do as always: let’s open to him Svadhisthana. We give the test of a woman, as in the “Mahabharata”. Let him be Don Juan. Not Don Rumata, the Progressor, but just a trivial Don Juan.


– And what if he understands? For a couple of years, we, of course, will close the issue with this fast Going. And then?

Mentor (Angel of the Third Step):

– What then? Will open the next chakra to the adept. Will open Manipur. Will do money test. Will teach to attract wealth. Will test for fame. Yes, anything. Gossip. Envy. War with like-minded people. Discord within the spiritual school. Society, reporters: newspaper articles such as “School of Zombies”. Shut down the information source, quarrel with his Teacher. We also need to develop.


– Wow! It’s not a meeting of angels, but the conspiracy of Marie de Medici! Maybe you will call the dark angels as well?

Mentor (Angel of the Third Step):

– I will call, if required. And include the debts of Karma. Such adepts, when “spiritually advance”, wave their fists right and left. And hurt people. And with other people’s mistresses sleep. And children are conceived under strange circumstances. And they spoil their karma for the sake of development. And with mentors quarrel. And with like-minded people fight to blood! We cannot rest “on our laurels”! We will work.


– And if our student, Angel of the First Step, will understand?

Mentor (Angel of the Third Step):

– This one will not understand! He spent his entire earthly life in a cave. From social life was hiding. He has no experience when it comes to intrigue. So, angels, we have to do a lot for the adept of our former first step student. Now we need to close all past incarnations for him, except for “lost love” with a girl named Milicentas. The World of Ancestors doesn’t have to be blocked – let them communicate. It’s such a mess there – he won’t figure it out until retirement. Let him meditate – makes no difference for us.

Professor of Karma (Angel of Karma, Angel of the Third Step):

– But according to his Karma he has the right to change his Destiny. Do you know? And he has no limitations in the possibilities to change his Karma, sorry.

The Angel of Reincarnation cleared a strand of hair from her beautiful face:

– Who are we restricting? Trainee-Angel of the First Step or we started to struggle with the project implementer of the novice Angel? The implementer is a man. The implementer is not an angel. And this implementer lives on Earth. If our Angel Trainee would choose another implementer, would we also block everything for him too? I propose to comply with our “Standard”. We work with our intern. An intern works with his adept. Which, by the way, has not yet become an adept. An adept is dedicated. And even his introduction and sole dedication in the Astral can not even be called Initiation. In general, I am against interference in the Fate of the Project’s implementer by the faculty of the “School of Angels”. Our trainees can block the exit to the past reincarnations of people. Let our trainee prove himself in the development of his Project.

Angel of Reincarnation continued:

– I, by the way, have a question about this to the Master of Karma. Did you talk about the right of our trainee Angel to change his own Fate? Or does a potential implementer of the Project have this right? Or have we already begun to change the fate of the population of planet Earth? Who do we teach in the “School of Angels”? Do we teach Angels? Or do we deal with people implementing Projects on Earth?

Angel of Karma, Professor of the “School of Angels”, Angel of the Third Step:

– I spoke about the adept of our trainee. This person, the project implementer, has the right to change his Fate. By the way, I am also against the direct intervention of the teaching staff in the projects of novice Angels. In this aspect, I fully support the Angel of Reincarnation.

… In the School of Angels, the Master of Reincarnation was the favorite professor of all the interns on all streams. She behaved like a student in between classes and took the form of a “royal prosecutor” during the presentation of the material. She did not even teach – she transformed the entire stream of interns into new personalities. These personalities were already with a different perception of reality and with a new understanding of actuality. For some of the interns, who were particularly slow in their development, the Angel of Reincarnation conducted her personal “Reincarnation” therapy. And the whole stream of student interns took part in this therapy about “rebirths”. The Reincarnation Master opened the door to another space for the whole class, “dragging, in tow,” the entire flow of her listeners into one of the former reincarnations of her “slow” student. Directly in this reincarnation, she conducted a study analysis, theoretical study, class-practice in her subject. After such classes, the “slow” students became excellent students, and the whole stream of beginning angels was enriched with the experience of new knowledge.

But not only this differentiated the Master of Reincarnation from other professors. The Angel of Reincarnation was an Esthete and an Aristocrat by nature. It would seem that what can be done with a completely ordinary and completely white hoodie, which was worn by all the angels of all times and peoples? But the Master of Reincarnation transformed this standard snow-white hoodie into “an Angel Fashion from Couture”. Did I write “transformed”? No, absolutely not. My mistake. The master “R” simply moved her right eyebrow somewhere to the left and the robe became the “latest fashion” that even the most advanced design school could not imagine. Even her most standard Angel Wings of the Third Rank moved smoothly and majestically, like 18th-century aristocrats were moving around the hall in the Minuet dance.

And also the Master of Reincarnation wore long black hair that fell on her snow-white wings and exactly repeated their shape. (And all the angels tried to be golden-haired).

And the Angel “R” also said during her lectures that each separate Reincarnation is the “Song of the Soul”. And in some classes she sang. Not for the fun of students of course. And not to raise their authority. Each song became a conductor, tuning, tunnel to a new different world. And in this world everything was possible.

Professor “R” did not only transferred interns to different times and countries. She taught them to try Reincarnations like clothes — instead of a tedious mathematical calculation of the place and time of a past life. The Angel of the Third Rank, the Master of Reincarnation, sought from her student interns a complete abstraction from their past pre-Angelic births. Professor “R” has always been against the perception of each Reincarnation as a new stage of a computer game. She suggested that trainee angels consider each new incarnation as a new love with an infinite number of karmic and emotional options.

Master of Reincarnation:

– I can support the decision of the Abbot of the School to block all Reincarnations of the Project implementer, except for one. Let our trainee Angel guess the reason for such blocking… and get experience with his project implementer. But I do not agree with this decision. And I would like to know the motivation for this block.

Master of Karma:

– I want to say a few words about the emotional background of the Angel trainee of this Project. Our Angel trainee, who does not even have a name yet, may never receive his official name. One of our counters-registers recorded an unusually high emotional background of this particular trainee. Our registrars have not recorded for several centuries such a high emotional outburst among first-stage training angels. A surge of trainee emotions is associated with the formulation of the Angel of the Third Step, the Rector of the School. I copied the formulation record from one of the registrars. I quote our Abbot: “In variant 648 and in variants 718 through 914, a karmic calculation of possible consequences indicates a possible development of occult abilities. The level of these abilities, especially in variant 648, exceeds the agreed standard on planet Earth. Why? I recommend these options to be removed from among the possible”.

– The same register recorded a chain of thought activity of our intern. As you understand, the register turned on automatically due to the high level of emotional outburst of our student. I quote the First Step Angel trainee’s thought series: “Well, there are some abilities there. So what? But there are capabilities — that is another thing. “Capabilities”, by definition, are completely ready for implementation, but have not begun to act. The Abbot said that “the level of ability in the version of karmic development of events number 648 exceeds the stipulated standard on planet Earth”. But after all, in the “Standard” and “Restrictions” there is NOTHING AT ALL about abilities. Talks about CAPABILITIES.

The Angel of Karma made a short pause and continued:

– From myself I can add that the karmic calculation showed “the possible development of occult abilities”. I emphasize the word “possible”. Not the unambiguous development of occult abilities, but only the possible. What percentage of the probability of this possibility our intern certainly did not count. But I counted.

Any Karmic verification of the calculations of our students of the “School of Angels” is my competence. Such activity of our registrars caused my interest and I completely checked all the karmic calculations of this particular Angel trainee. According to my calculations, “the possible development of occult abilities” of the project executor is limited to 20%. Only 20% is the likelihood of the development of occult capabilities with the selected Project executor.

The Angel of Karma was like a mathematician or a physicist who had long been accustomed to a complete misunderstanding of his complex and multi-level subject by students. At the level of teaching the introductory course or Linear Karma, the angels-trainees understood almost 100% of the material. But for the Angel of Karma himself, this course was absolutely not interesting. After all, simplified situations like “Crime and Immediately Punishment” practically never met in real life. And the subject of “Linear Karma” was something of the necessary Arithmetic for the faculty of the engineering school. The professor read the “Linear Karma” quickly, drily, without the “highlights”.

Then followed another introductory course of the second level with the name “Karma of pair relations in confined spaces”. This course Professor Karma tried to run quickly and concisely. Simple laws. Clear situations. Elementary calculations. In “Linear Karma” you consider one person with the maximum limitations of all external contacts. In “Karma of paired relations” you consider two personalities and two destinies, without taking into account the impact of the environment and the social sphere.

But further, the professor of Karma changed. Further the professor of Karma ran around the training hall, like an artist on the stage. During some explanations, the Angel of Karma took off, dissolved in the surrounding space, changed his appearance, turned into a whole crowd and played various karmic situations, like in a theater.

Sometimes it seemed that the Angel of Karma could improve the life of all creatures on this planet with a single movement of his wing. But it was another Illusion. Angel of Karma could not have such a goal. And everyone understood that…

The Angel of Karma has always looked unusually thin. I can even say a little haggard. By human standards, he was 80 years old, but the Angel of Karma was moving around at the speed of a young athlete. His hairstyle has always remained a mystery to his students – it was useless to tidy up his ever-tousled hair. Also the Angel of Karma loved belts. He always wore a belt over his snow-white Roman toga and inside each of his belts were pockets, zippers, pins, little notes, maps, manuscripts from different centuries and portraits of ancient rulers. The Master of Karma often repeated to his students: “Karma always has something in store for you” and, as if confirming his words, took some historical document or artifact out of his belt. How it all fit in the belts was a secret even for the Abbot.

The Master of Karma, with a familiar movement, put his hand in his belt and pulled out a pack of papyrus sheets for public viewing:

– Here is the Book of Fate of the earth executor of the Project. This is the text that he himself wrote before his birth on Earth, between the last Death and the new Life. By the way, the estimated 20% of the aspect of acquiring occult abilities (not capabilities) were originally laid down in the Book of Fate by the same author. No hint of a violation of the “Standard” in this Book of Fate is observed. The Book of Fate does not envisage any social achievements either. By the way, the earthly executor of this Project calls himself Mathara. In his Fate, he laid the mandatory development of creative and pedagogical abilities. In his Book of Destiny, Mathara has an interest in yoga and in understanding the invisible world. Practically everything is described in general terms, except for “the search for energy for spiritual development” and “to achieve in this reincarnation an understanding of the energy sources of Samsara”. Each source of energy for spiritual development is described in the Mathara’s Book of Fate. All situations of the attainment of these sources of energy are also defined by his Book of Fate.

The Book of Fate of Mathara involves the search and selection of his Mission on Earth, but no data is incorporated into the Book of Fate itself. This means that before being born on Earth, the adept believed in his correct choice in the human body. So, he had the experience of choosing a Mission for past Reincarnations. No plans to develop occult abilities. There are no pre-described occult capabilities and skills in the Book of Fate of Mathara.

But there is an acquisition of a number of skills for possible changes in his Fate, being in a human body. I draw your attention to “not theoretical knowledge on changing his Fate”, but specifically “skills”. Which means that the adept himself already had this experience from past Reincarnations.

– But I am not interested in adept-implementer of the Project. I am interested in the fate of our trainee Angel, whose emotions make our recorders of negative energies go off-scale. This is his first Project on Earth. Why complicate so much the fate of an intern on his first Project?

The Abbot of the “School of Angels”, the Angel of the Third Step rubbed his immense forehead and said:

– All for his own good. Let him develop. In case of errors, we will give our trainee a head start on time or information.

– Glad you agreed.

– Well, let’s go to the next Project…


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Translation from Russian into English: AD Consulting LLC