12. Angel of the First Step. Mentor’s help. (Influence on a human)


– Every Being in the Universe has its Fate.

– All Fates are different because each Soul is special.

– Fate is a tool of education and training for each individual Soul.

– There are no bad or good Fates. Each Soul chooses for itself that Fate, in which this Soul needs here and now.

(from an abstract of a novice angel, the discipline “Laws of Destiny”)


Angels do not speak like humans. They can talk, but communicate with each other in bursts, images, streams of thought-forms. Communication takes milliseconds. Why? Angels have a different Consciousness Status. Their Spiritual Status is also different. It’s naturally. We just do not think about it.

As a stream of thought-forms, the Angel of the First Step (hereinafter, sometimes we will call it abbreviated A.F.S.) presented his project to a mentor. It took less than a second. This project included an analysis of the development of spiritual schools on Earth, a list of projects of novice angels over the past 40 centuries on the topics of Spiritual Development, reasons for choosing a country for the School, criteria for choosing a future founder, review of candidates, analysis of positive and negative qualities of candidates. This was the first part.

In the second part, the Angel of the First Step justified his choice of a candidate by attaching in the fullest version the Book of his Fate as the possible founder of the school. Added analysis of the last five rebirths of an applicant. Then followed the karmic calculation of the possible consequences in the 1001 variant of the possible development of events, the personal karmic forecast of a candidate, the analysis of the ancestors or the family line of a possible founder, personal opinion of A.F.S. about suitability of a candidate and the new project.

In the third part there were personal motives of the Angel of the First Step on his Mission and analysis of these motives.

The Angel of the Third Step, the Mentor and the Abbot of the “School of Angels”, the Master-Teacher sat in the lotus position in the Temple of Karmic Prediction and connected the Projects of Angels of the Second Step into the Unified Karmic Canvas. Actually the word “canvas” did not reflect the Reality and was a horizontal immense monitor, which was based on a very low and similarly immense table around the Abbot. Of course, the “immensity” of such a monitor was relative, but the Temple of Karmic Prediction could accommodate any spaces. It was just that the Temple was arranged this way, as everything inside it too.

The Temple was located on Earth. It was made in the form of several mountain peaks, but did not fall into the zone of “human perception” and was not perceived by people in any way. Rather perceived as unfit for life and not interesting for climbing mountains. For dozens of miles around the Temple (in the reality of the Earth), there were no streams, no rivers, no flowers. No road led to the Temple. Any bursts of natural energies flowed into the Temple. However, the cosmic energies too. Theoretically or geographically, the Temple was located on Earth. But in another dimension. Or in a different perception. That is not the same thing, but how to explain something that people do not see, do not hear, do not understand and do not want to understand.

Sometimes the Mentor, the Angel of the Third Step, was distracted from his United Karmic Canvas and led short talks with thought-forms that came into his aura through numerous channels. Sometimes he did everything at the same time. The Abbot of the School was not an ordinary Angel. He could’ve taken any appearance, but almost always looked the same – such an elderly, a little fat and very tired man of 50-55 years old. He usually did not use wings. He wore a white toga only in solemn occasions – no one else in the “School of Angels” could afford such a violation in clothes. The Abbot of the School preferred the saffron robe of a Buddhist monk. He always kept beads in his hands. There were rumors in the School that those were not beads at all. Someone persistently spread such a rumor. And someone supported this gossip for many centuries of the existence of the School. Gossip about the Abbot’s rosary said that every bead in this rosary is the Fate of one of the novice Angels of the School. Therefore, the beads of the Mentor of the School, the Abbot, the Angel of the Third Step have always been of different length. By the end of each school year, the rosary became shorter and shorter, and the number of beginner Angels of the first year of study less and less.

The Abbot, the School Mentor, accepted the next Project from the Angel Trainee. In a special vision of the Angels, this letter seemed to be a small luminous speck, a spark, and this speck flew into the aura of the Priest.

The senior Priest did not read the projects – he merged with projects or, if you want, delved into each project. Penetrated to the full understanding of the project and all the thoughts of the novice Angels on each project separately. This understanding or fusion occurred at several levels simultaneously. At the same time, his fingers, turning over the rosary, always stopped on one single bead in his rosary. When the Abbot’s fingers gently held the bead of the rosary, warming it with their warmth, the corresponding angel felt the Mentor-Abbot almost physically. At the same time, any Angel Trainee felt a gaze from the Infinity. Or look from Eternity. The experiences of the interns were always different.

The Mentor (Angel of the Third Step) asked:

—In variant 648 and in variants 718 through 914, a karmic calculation of possible consequences indicates the possible development of occult abilities. The level of these abilities, especially in variant 648, exceeds the agreed standard on planet Earth. Why? I recommend to remove these variants from among the possible. This is the first.

The second: access to past lives for this candidate COMPLETELY block. Except for one channel, where he himself once destroyed his Love. I allow access to this incarnation.

The third: where in the life of the applicant is the struggle for existence? He is not yet in Heaven. He is a human. Add difficulties, recalculate the karmic forecast and… Congratulations on starting the project!

That’s it. Silence. The Mentor had his word. The Mentor disconnected from the conversation. The Abbot’s rosary hung with ordinary beads on his hand.

The Angel intern received back a small glowing ball-message-response from the Rector of the “School of Angels”. That’s it.

No more corrections will be made. Nothing up to a certain point. Until the intern does not make the usual for interns mistakes.

So, thought the novice Angel, what do we have?

  • There were no remarks on the analysis of the development of Theological schools on Earth.
  • No remarks on the analysis of previous Projects on the theme of Spiritual development for 40 centuries.
  • No remarks about the choice of the country for the implementation of the Project.
  • There were no remarks on the criteria for selecting a potential Project Implementer.
  • There were no remarks on the analysis of the character traits of potential candidates. That is, the first part of his Project is accepted. Hooray! Congratulations to you Angel of the First Step! But there is no place for sarcasm in Heaven. A.F.S. only noted in his aura excessive emotional activity and moved to the second and third parts of his Project.
  • There were no remarks about personal reasons of A.F.S. in the Project.
  • No remarks about the analysis of the Ancestors of a potential executor of the Project and his entire Family Line.
  • There were no remarks on the compliance of a potential candidate with the Project of Angel trainee.

That is all previous is ACCEPTED!

The project needs only THREE corrections:

  • the third: to add to the Destiny of the Project executor “life difficulties”.
  • the second: to block the exits to the past Reincarnations of the executor of the Project, except for one.
  • the first and most laborious: remove the karmic variants for the development of the Destiny of the Project executor 648 and from 719 to 914. That is, he will have to remove all the development options of the Adept’s Fate, which the trainee Angel needs so much for the main purpose of his Project for the first seven days. How can an adept build an “Adept-Angel” communication channel without these abilities? How? And again, a surge of emotion ran through the nervous system of the Angel trainee.

The Angel-trainee knew about the “standard” and “restrictions on the development of occult possibilities for realization on planet Earth”. Standards and Restrictions were studied in the “School of Angels”. But the “opportunities” and “abilities” are different things. “Abilities” – this is something potential, still undeveloped. Well, there are some abilities there. So what? But if there are specific opportunities – it is quite another matter. “Opportunities”, by definition, is something completely ready for implementation, but has not begun to act yet. The Abbot said that “the level of ability in the version of karmic development of events number 648 exceeds the agreed standard on planet Earth”. But in the “Standard” and “Restrictions”, absolutely NOTHING is said about abilities. Only about OPPORTUNITIES.

The Abbot could not be mistaken.

And the Abbot will not help novice Angel too. That is, Angel trainee is tested for knowledge of the “Standard”. Or “Standard” is going to be changed. Or it is just an order from the Abbot to the trainee.

So, we have an order “to remove the karmic variants of the development of events of the 648th and from 719th to the 914th”. What if this is also a test, just another kind? And then it turns out that the trainee Angel was obliged to notice the inaccuracy in the order of the Abbot, inform him about it, insist on his point of view…

Okay, while the Karma of the potential applicant is still far from the 648’s variant  and the rest, which should be removed for some reason… Maybe change nothing for now?

But! Angel of the First Step can be “removed” earlier for any mistake and be send to Earth to live human fates again and again… At the same time, Angel’s memory will surely be erased… Not everything of course, will leave nostalgia for the wings… and love for the infinite blue sky…

Good. What are my limitations?

Access to Reincarnations, except for one, will have to be blocked… Now it is still easy to do, especially since my “applicant”, implementer, adept is not interested in past Reincarnations yet.

And why the Abbot wants to leave only one Reincarnation for my adept?

What is it about this distant Reincarnation?

I didn’t even have time to analyze it yet. Well, someone once killed his Love… Half of the population of the planet does it every day… Who kills, who selfishly uses, who simply ignores… Some torture their Love, others milk it like a cow…

But the Abbot, the Angel of the Third Step, wished to leave access to this Reincarnation for my adept.

And add difficulties to his life… And remove the variants of karmic development with extrasensory abilities…

That is, the Angel trainee chooses the most appropriate adept for his project. And his Mentor limits this adept in his abilities, cripples his psyche with limitations in the recollection of past Reincarnations and adds life difficulties.

And all this at the very beginning of the Project.


But this is just a Project.

A project is a kind of a test. An exam for Angel trainee. An ordinary intern in an ordinary “School of Angels”.

So, no advantage at the start could be obtained.

Then will start with blocking Reincarnations…


Leonid Belenitsky Books
Translation from Russian into English: AD Consulting LLC