11. The Angel. Selection of the Founder of the School. (Adoption of the new)


A trainee Angel sat on a cloud in a semi-lotus pose with a straight back and eyes closed. The cloud was rushing at breakneck speed somewhere far to the horizon, but the intern ignored this movement. His Roman white toga jerked like a sail in the wind, but this movement of heavenly clothes did not affect the trainee’s internal concentration at all. In the spectrum visible to humans, a cloud hung in the sky between other clouds and the wind carried these clouds somewhere beyond the horizon. The presence of an angel on a cloud was also not observed in the infrared spectrum. But in the frequencies from ultraviolet and above it was possible to capture an unusual, from a normal cloud, glow. The glow had the form of an egg cut from below and the color of a changeable aurora of the same semi-ellipsoidal shape. In the center of this radiance was the Angel of the First Step. From this luminous ellipse into the distance flowed several channels of different colors, if at all you can call the colors of the wave beyond the violet frequency of the human visible spectrum. In each of the luminous channels, energies flowed in the form of streams, balls, lightning at enormous speeds. The influx and outflow of these energies changed the aurora around an almost invisible object that was a meditating Angel. Angel’s Aura “breathed”, increasing and decreasing in size. Each channel lived its own life, passing through different color and density of energy in the directions towards and from the Angel.

The Angel of the First Step was completely immersed by his consciousness in the heavenly library. He was interested in projects of other graduates from different classes of different centuries. Similar projects were created regularly. Mainly for the purpose of replenishing the School of angels. The universe expanded – there were not enough working hands. As always.

Of course, not all projects ended successfully. But about twenty percent of novice angels were getting an increase in status. Does he need a raise? Most likely, as a result of the successful execution of the project to change the earth’s reality. But not as an end in itself for his career.

What was the goal of his project? Probably he wanted to change the world for the better. Bring to Earth more Happiness, Justice, Joy, Enlightenment, Love! This project was a continuation of his work on Earth. After all, he is the Angel of the First Step and once was a Teacher and a Healer, a monk and an adept.

The novice angel needed fresh material: not a skilled and accomplished Guru with a lot of experience, but a very green and inexperienced boy.

Why green and inexperienced? But how are you going to create a communication channel with an experienced person? He will reject everything, refer to authorities and to his rich life experience. And to argue on the astral level Angel of the First Step (A.F.S.) has no time. He has only seven days. Angel’s Seven days.

In general, he needs a fresh student of some theological school who himself wants spiritual development, advancement on the Path, the discovery in himself of new abilities, astral fellowships and travels.

It turned out that there are not so many such individuals on the planet. Many females dreamed of love with princes. A lot of males dreamed about sex with movie stars. A part of the population of the planet saw dreams about their wealth, traveling with their complete inaction to earn their “daily bread”. Another part of the population of the planet in their dreams was selling some dubious products for fabulous sums to some unrealistic semi-humans – semi-animals with big money. A third of the population spent their dreams in fights and battles, while invariably defeating formless but numerous enemies. Only a very small group on the planet dreamed of books and teachers, chakras and energies. It was on this fourth group of the population of the Earth that the trainee Angel stopped in his search.

The fourth group was small in comparison with the total population of the planet, but out of five billion of humanity, this group was only 2%, which meant 20 million people. And this was the first criterion of the novice Angel in search for his adept on Earth. His adept should dream of chakras, energies, super powers.

The trainee Angel has put together a glowing ball of energies of spiritual development and enlightenment. He equipped this testing ball with an elementary counter and sent this testing ball to Earth. The purpose of such a simple test was to determine the force of attraction of each individual soul to the process of consuming the energy of enlightenment and development. Of the 20 million souls of the fourth group, not all were ready for concrete and immediate actions for the sake of their development. In other words, their dreams of chakras and energies were not confirmed by action, and these souls remained only dreamers. A dreamer without an “intention to act” will not build a channel to Heaven. Therefore, the “intention to act” for the sake of his spiritual development has become the second criterion for the novice Angel in search for his adept on Earth.

The testing ball came back. The elementary counter counted 300 thousand souls having the “intention to act”.

The Angel trainee created an unfolded projection of the planet in the form of the most ordinary flat map, reduced the testing ball to the size of an ordinary apple, hung the testing ball over this map. A few seconds later, on an improvised map, 300 thousand points lit up with faint lights. All these points were scattered throughout the entire map of the planet, but in one place the density of luminous points was slightly increased. A.F.S. zoomed the map to determine the location of high density of points. And he received a zone with a radius of 700 miles around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. About 30 thousand points out of 300 thousand were located in this area. 30 thousand souls who, in search of spiritual growth, had an “intention to act”. The density of “soul seekers” in a limited area was the third criterion of A.F.S. in choosing an adept for the Project on Earth.

The angel trainee pulled the testing ball into his hands and, by lightly pressing his fingers on the surface of the ball, changed the software characteristics of the device. Now, from 30 thousand “soul seekers” in the territory of 700 miles around the epicenter of the Chernobyl tragedy, it was necessary to choose young people under the age of 33 who had already attended any philosophical, spiritual, occult, magic schools or conducted a regular search in these branches of knowledge for no less than three years. Belonging to occult training or self-education was the fourth criterion of the novice Angel in search for his adept on Earth.

The ball returned to the hands of A.F.S. literally in a few seconds and flashed the number 333 in the space above it. Well, there is some kind of certainty, – thought A.F.S. and laid in the ball a new program: “to reveal from 333 “soul seekers” those who are open to “accepting new” in their Life and Destiny”. The ability to “accept new” was the fifth criterion of the novice Angel in search for his adept on Earth.

After some time the testing ball brought the number 12 on its surface and A.F.S. reprogrammed the device to collect maximum information about 12 candidates.

Of course, there were other methods in the “School of Angels” to search for executors of Earth Projects for trainee Angels, but there was a certain standard for the First Project in the “School of Angels”.

All trainees and teachers knew that these artificial machines have their own measurement errors. That the quality of information can be affected by various factors, both of natural and artificial nature. But the standard was adopted, and its existence significantly reduced the time spent by angels-trainees on finding the necessary implementers for the “School of Angels” training Projects on Earth.

The testing ball returned and highlighted around itself 12 files about candidates for the execution of the A.F.S.’s Project on Earth. The sixth criterion was “personal acceptance” and “sympathy” of the Angel to the candidate he chose.

Strangely enough, but only one of the 12 applicants almost repeated the fate of the Angel trainee. Against the background of all the many flaws, only one challenger named Mathara was somewhat similar to the Angel trainee in his past earthly life. Mathara has not eaten meat for many years. Often starved. He did yoga gymnastics and breathing exercises as well. He was meditating. He was searching for the door to the world of the occult and spiritual development.

And the one who seeks will always find

Or Fate will find him. Of course if there would be a request correctly thrown into the abyss of the Universe.


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