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Yoga of the reverse spiral

The first book

Results of astral meditations


From the author


First chapter. Everybody has his Mission on Earth

1. April 26, 1986 (Fate to be saved – Destiny to stay)

2. Sleep. Whirlpool in the sky (Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Worlds)

3. Angel of the First Step. Mission on Earth (Invisible World of Heaven)

4. As always, or Mathara Yoga Instructor (Meditation World)

5. The Angel. Day One (Invisible Worlds Projects)

6. From the report of the captain of the KGB Sinitsyn (Control over human thinking)

7. June seminar with the teacher from Moscow: exams (Fate can be chosen)

8. Surya-Namaskar (Energy is needed for development)

9. Teacher in the background of the Moon (How to see Ocean in the drop of water)

10. Mathara. The way home (“To see the invisible”)

Second chapter. The mission of a yoga instructor and the Book of his Fate

11. The Angel. Selection of the Founder of the School. (Adoption of the new)

12. Angel of the First Step. Mentor’s help. (Influence on a human)

13. Karma and Reincarnation Angels. The Book of Mathara’s Fate. (Yoga energy sources)

14. Mathara. Dream “Running from wolves. Anubis”. (The dream space is open to all)

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