Leonid Belenitsky. Issue #4. Acupuncture and Acupressure Patient Education.

Acupuncture and Acupressure – patient education.
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Today we will talk about several points that will help us in dealing with pain in the joints of the fingers. These points are located on different meridians. You can treat various problems with their help. These points can help you reduce the pain of arthritis without the help of specialists. At home. Of course, you should get the initial consultation in our office. Or in any other Licensed Acupuncturist office.

You should check Acupuncture Certification on the website of the National Acupuncture Commission and on the website of your state. In the state of New Jersey please click here. Especially effective, acupressure works “in a team” with the professional help of an Acupuncture specialist. That is, during Acupuncture sessions 1-2 times a week plus you massage your designated points daily. You can get the force of pressure on the points and the duration of exposure from your licensed specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture).

Before you start working with acupressure points, you need to warm up and stretch all the joints of the fingers. You can get such a warm-up on our video channel “Acupuncture & KYI, NJ USA“. The video is called “Fingers Stretching for Arthritis. 2018/10”.

After 7-10 exercises on warming up the joints of the fingers, we recommend starting with a slight pressure on the He Gu point. A separate article was dedicated to this point in the previous issue of our magazine on page 19. Location of He Gu point is shown in the following photo:

He Gu is the point of the Colon Intestinal Meridian – LI-4. Massage is performed with the thumb of the opposite hand for 15-20 seconds. After that, we proceed to massage point YuJi. This point belongs to the Lung Meridian – LU-10:

Location: close to the border of the metacarpal bone.
Clinical application: clears heat in Lung Meridian, helps with sadness and fright, treats pain of the thumb joint.

Massage is performed with the thumb of the opposite hand for 15-20 seconds.


The next point to massage is located near the He Gu point. And it also belongs to the Colon Intestinal Meridian – San Jian – LI-3:

The photo shows you the location of the point. It is easier to find if you bend your fingers into a not strong fist. In acupuncture practice, oddly enough, this point helps with diarrhea (diarrhoea), cold throat, runny nose and deafness. In the home practice of acupressure, this point will help not only for pain in the area around the index finger, but also around the middle finger. Massage is performed with the thumb of the opposite hand for 15-20 seconds.

There are many other points on your palm that can help with arthritis pain. Write to us, ask your questions and we will answer them.

After the massage of a group of points, please do not forget to repeat the exercises for stretching fingers – “Fingers Stretching for Arthritis“.

Translation from Russian into English: AD Consulting LLC