Francesca Breslau

Francesca Breslau

Francesca started Health & Fitness coaching after a long journey of failure and discovery. It took a lot of giving up on herself to get to where she is today, but that has also is what makes her a great coach. Eating for her health, getting into shape and educating herself on exercise and nutrition completely changed her life. She realized that when given all the proper tools required to create the best version of yourself, not only is the body affected, but your overall life which leads to a true personal transformation. She offers online coaching not only to focus on health and nutrition, but three main pillars of STRATEGY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and MINDSET. Francesca fell head over heels in love with the idea that I can be part of someone’s journey no matter where they are located around the world.

She helps clients create a clear vision of what they want and why they want it. She provides them with the most effective strategies for achieving their goals, and they receive immense support from herself and her Tribe along the way. She not only tells her clients what to do to be successful, but she teaches and educates them HOW while sticking by their side along the way. She want her clients to be so empowered to continue this journey after their time together, so they do not have to rely on a coach forever and continue their healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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Issue #4: How to Create Healthy Habits


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