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Hi, My name is Amanda. I am an Intuitive USUI Reiki Master.
Reiki healing is a compassionate energy therapy in which practitioners use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support healing for the whole person: mind, body, spirit and facilitate self-healing. Gentle, light or near-body touch is used to help clear, balance, energize and support the human energy system to create an optimal environment for healing to occur.
I use the gift of intuitive touch to influence the human energy system, specifically the energy field (Auras) that surrounds the body, and the energy centers (Chakras) that control the flow from the energy field to the physical body.
My focus is on removing negative energies that form in our aura and chakras. Once these imbalances and blockages are cleared, the energy channels resume their task of integrating the body, mind and soul to restore health and promote well being.
If this resonates with you, I would love to be your healing partner.  It is my soul purpose to help you rediscover the power with-in yourself to self-heal and create a beautiful life of peace & love.
Thank you,
Amanda Gahm
Reiki with Amanda

By Amanda Gahm

I am a gypsy at heart, restless with wanderlust.
I am a free spirited hippie refusing to conform.
I am a wild warrior goddess fueled with passion & desire.
I am an old soul that loves freely, feels deeply & sees clearly.
I am a dreamer caught somewhere in the middle of this reality and my make believe.
I am ME unapologetically.


This fear

By Amanda Gahm 

This fear is nothing more than an unacknowledged toxic creation… 
created by her mind, living limitless in her imagination. 
This fear, it dwells in the depths of her soul… 
feeding her, watching her. 
This fear, it feels strangely familiar…
lurking in the dark, hiding in the shadows, stealing her dreams. 
This fear, fears the day she will awaken & simply turn on her light…


By Amanda Gahm 

Maybe it’s because i hear your unspoken words, 

seeing the sadness in your soul & the pain in your eyes. 

Maybe it’s because I show you your truth while making you face your fears. 

Maybe it’s because you will always find me standing beside you, 

cheering you on & holding your hand. 

Maybe it’s because I love you…


Feeling that feeling 
By Amanda Gahm 

Listening to that soothing sound of thunder in the distance, 

watching the beautiful storm clouds roll in & feeling that “feeling” deep within my soul… 

the anticipation of that perfect moment when the rain hits my skin & My spirit finally feels at home. 


What is Reiki?
Reiki is like an Energy therapy that aims to restore balance in the biofield (that’s your layered vibrational energy field that surrounds and penetrates the physical body). 
Some other mainstream therapies you’ve probably heard of or even tried before are acupuncture, reflexology & yoga to just name a few. 
Reiki restores you crown to root (head to toe) connecting you in mind, body spirit.
This type of energy work addresses any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances & blockages.
During Reiki people can experience a variety of sensations like heat in the practitioner’s hands, or some say their practitioners hands felt refreshingly cool. Other common experiences have been subtle cascading waves of pulsations, vibrations, tingling, etc throughout the body. Some fall into a meditative state, others may even fall asleep. 
After a Reiki session people often leave feeling relaxed & refreshed. 
Reiki = Wholeness in Body, Mind & Spirit.
Reiki with Amanda 
Amanda Gahm 


Wicked Rules 

By Amanda Gahm 

Once upon a time there was a weird and wild little girl. She never really seem to fit anywhere in this world or understand all these grown ups with their wicked rules. 


That little girl stood her ground, never backing down. She was an untamable spirit, Ignoring all those wicked rules along the way, making her own magical path. 
She grew into a young woman, but instead of coming with wicked rules as most grown ups tend to do she came with a heart full of wonder… She grew older, not up. 
That woman is older now, but if you look closely you can still see that same beautiful mess, that weird & wild little girl.
You can see it when she talks to the moon, You can see it while she dances in the rain and you can see it when she will forever say NO to all those wicked rules…
The Phoenix 
By Amanda Gahm 

She Burns…

She burns with tears in her eyes fueling the flame. 
She falls apart and fears she will never be the same. 
She cries out enduring  this pain while cursing his name.

And then She smiles… 

She smiles as the fire swallows her whole. She knows this is her purgatory, 
this is her soul. 

And then she rises… 

She Rises from her fallen ash.
She Rises from her lives crashed. 
She Rises from her dust of the past. 

And then she flies…

She flies with her wings burning bright and spirit full of light. 

And then she feels…

She feels this fierce love once again beating in her heart. 
She feels this life so familiar from her worlds ripped apart. 
She feels it all with the glorious certainty, remembering this is her destiny… 
her eternity. 

She is the Phoenix. 

The Watchers

By Amanda Gahm 

They watch the spirited little girl they have grown accustomed to Standing in line once again as her boredom sets in.
She plays, ignoring the watchers, amusing herself while entertaining the others. 
They call out to her “next”, she looks up giggling- slowly walking forward. 
Standing before her is a beautiful wardrobe full of unlimited choices. She’s told she must cloth her essence… “Pick one” they say.
Reluctantly, she grabs one & moves on. 
This is it… 
her beginning & her end. 
Slipping into her hastily chosen body, spiraling down to start her earthly life a new. 
The watchers, they wait & wonder…
Will she get it right this time…
Yes, that spirited little girl the watchers have grown so fond of is trapped once again in human skin…
Always Glowing & giggling within. 
The Wounded Healer

By Amanda Gahm

Her brokenness was her greatest strength.
Her weakness was her healing solitude. 
Her difficulties were her beautiful transformation. 
Her sadness was her majestic peace. 
Her struggles were her radiant joy. 
Her rawness was her authentic truth. 
Her past was her soul purpose. 
Her failures were her courageous triumphs. 
And her wounds… 
Her wounds were her most magnificent badge of glory.


By Amanda Gahm

Emptiness & pain left her uninspired searching for something new
She closed her eyes & took a deep breath diving into the ocean blue 
Feeling every little wave of emotion 
crash over her while facing this sea of sadness 
She finally felt complete & at home 
understanding this isn’t her life at all… 
it’s her madness
Sinking into the depths of her soul mesmerized by all the endless possibilities 
She opened her eyes one last time gazing into true tranquility