Alan Traveler

Alan Traveler

The energy of travel

Alan Traveler
Specialist in finding Places of Power and Energy

You see, happiness is a rare phenomenon.
Few people have family happiness.
Few people have happiness from work.
Even fewer people have happiness from creativity or from the implementation of their projects.

But from travel, happiness can be for everyone. We will begin with a journey that is next to each of us.

So, Empire State Building. The first meditative block.

It doesn’t matter if you live in New York or Alabama. But when you climb onto the 104th floor, this changes your vision and opens up before you what doesn’t exist in your normal life.

I am a private guide, a specialist in receiving guests from afar. And I do not need advertising. I do not exhibit my real last name here. Usually, I am loaded for 3-5 months ahead. Just the person who asked me to write this article, advanced me in my meditative practice so far that I try, as I can, to return what I received.

I have been practicing meditation for many years. I am always glad to again visit the Places of Power and Energy. For me, the Empire State Building is an unusual place where your dreams come true. Only because the sky is at arm’s length.

When my guests get satisfied with a bird’s-eye view of Manhattan, I take them for a walk in the park on the island where the Statue of Liberty is located – the symbol of America.

Meditation can be different. You can sit in a Buddhist temple with eyes closed. Or you can see New York from the height of the clouds. The only question is concentration. Do you know how to concentrate on the object, ignoring everything else?

The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty are meditations – contrasts. These meditations are opposites. From my point of view. And only mine. But you can get these meditations and get your results. You can perceive everything differently.

Earth and Heaven. Fatherhood and Motherhood. Investments and Altruism. Meditations are different.

The Statue of Liberty is not only a symbol. Not just a gift. Not only surprise and delight.

The Statue of Liberty is a place of amazing Energy. Not for everyone. Only for those who can feel and perceive. And not many can really feel and perceive.

Our life and destiny can be changed only in two ways. Through external influence and internal awareness.

External influence is the pressure on us of the surrounding social and natural environment. How our mood shifts when the weather changes or we see new places while traveling.

Internal awareness is a conscious action of our Attention Concentration, which leads to a change in our internal radiation into the external environment. So we change from the inside.

My highly paid job is a demonstration of the Place of Power at the first stage and training in Awareness (changing the internal state) at the second. You can visit the Empire State Building a thousand times, but never enter the state of this place of Power and Energy.

In this article, I can tell you about the very first, initial meditative practice that I offer to my clients from the height of the Empire State Building. This meditation is called “Get away from vanity”. And in this title the whole essence of the practice.

Contemplating Manhattan Island from a huge, fantastic height, you can “see” your Life and Fate from the same high position. Where have you been going all your life? Did you have a goal? Have you found your Life Purpose? Or do you just “go with the flow” of your Destiny all the time?

Once upon a time, a long time ago, the world-famous science fiction writer and popularizer of science, Isaac Asimov, published an amazing book “View from a Height“. Meditation “Get away from vanity” is similar to this book. In the practice of this meditation, you check if you can “Get away from vanity” of your Fate and “see” that invisible (secret, hidden) goal to which your Fate led you all your life.

3.5 million people visit the Empire State Building annually. And the bouquet of conditions that each of the tourists receives at the height of the Empire State Building returns with memories of this miracle during the revision of the photos taken once. But a visit gives energy 1000 times more than a memory. I am not trying to advertise myself and my work. You can do this meditation yourself, just get
to New York.

Statue of Liberty. The second meditative block.

Near the Statue of Liberty, I do several meditations with my clients.
Have you fought for the Freedom of your Choice in your Destiny, at least once in your life?
Against whom did you fight?
Why did you fight?
What motivated you to fight for the Freedom of your Choice?
If you fought for your Freedom, then what was your Dependence? Did you defeat that Dependence?
Or was your Dependency transformed into a new mask and you yourself changed one Dependency to another?
How do you understand your Freedom in general? In the most general representation.
Does the image (model) of your own Freedom exist in your Imagination? Have you ever thought about this aspect of your Being?

I always draw the attention of my clients to the very energy around the statue of Liberty. It is very different from the energy of the Empire State Building.
Just because the presence of a “restaurant for all” changes everything.
As my Mentor says, “the spiritual status of a person is determined by his needs”. And, for many, the energy of a low-end restaurant clogs the essence from the symbol of Freedom of the whole country. Only because 99% of visitors pass through food on Liberty Island and the energy of digestion overshadows the state from the contemplation of the Freedom Monument, its grandeur and power.

There is a wonderful thought process in the park near the Statue of Liberty. And in the summer, our group spends about two hours inside this park. You ask why? We saw a lot, took pictures, ate, bought souvenirs and move on. After all, you always want to see more, and more, and more. But not with my group. You need to Grasp Impressions. After all, “Freedom without a fight does not exist”.

Translation from Russian into English: AD Consulting LLC