Rules for Authors, Agents and Sponsors of our Magazine

1. Authors. As we said earlier, we do not pay authors. But, the authors of our articles get a free
¼ page for their advertising. In addition, the authors receive an official publication, which can be
referenced, and which has an ISBN registration at the State Agency. In addition, each author
receives three (3) copies of the journal for free with his article. Furthermore, each author
receives a free page on the website and % of net profit (after
deducting costs) from the magazine’s sales at [From the volume of the text
of the number, advertising is deducted. Spaces and paragraphs are removed, the title of the
article is removed. All articles are reduced to a font of the same size and format. The pure text
volume is divided by 100% and the text volume of the author is multiplied.]
1.1. If the author is not a Minor Sponsor, the Magazine (Publishing House) will give priority to
authors who will be Minor Sponsors.
1.2. Magazine (Publishing House) needs Minor Sponsors, since the growth of the magazine’s
circulation depends on them.
2. Minor Sponsor. The magazine does not make a profit on the sale of copies. Each author can
redeem the required number of copies of the magazine with his article for gifts (or sales) at the
price spent for printing. We show the authors a copy of the payment, indicating the number of
copies ordered. In the first issue – the order of 500 copies – the price (for printing): $ 1003.85 $
1004: 500 = $ 2 / for a copy of the magazine. When ordering from 100 copies, we pay the
author 100 business cards “author Acupuncture, Yoga, Reiki Magazine”. Minor Sponsor can not
redeem 5 copies or 11. The order can only be a multiple of 20 copies. That is – 20, 40, 60 and
so on. Given the price of $ 2 / copy, 20 copies will cost $ 40 and this is the minimum volume for
Minor Sponsor. If Minor Sponsor sells its copies, he is responsible for paying taxes from its
sales proceeds. Magazines are not accepted back. Purchase of copies is an investment and the
risk of the author.
2.1. Minor Sponsor – 20-40 copies.
2.2. Bronze Sponsor – 60-100 copies.
2.3. Silver Sponsor – 100-180 copies.
2.4. Gold Sponsor – 200-300 copies.
2.5. Platinum Sponsor – 320-500 copies.
2.6. Diamond Sponsor – 520-760 copies.
Sponsor benefits going to be on our WebSite soon.