The mission of the magazine Acupuncture Yoga Reiki

In our age, when everything has to be paid for, when there is less and less altruism, we created a platform for the exchange of experience. This exchange occurs in the form of articles on various topics. Anyone who considers himself a healer, a teacher (instructor, mentor, educator) can speak here.

Our themes:
1. Natural Healing: Acupuncture, Yoga, Reiki, Nutrition, Massage, Stretching, Personal Training, Qi Gun, Tai Chi, Reflexology, Organic farms, Meditation and others.
2. Teaching: Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Path, all Natural Healing disciplines (from above), Psychology and Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counseling.
3. Organic food and recipes.

Our magazine is not a periodical. This is the Almanac, which is published as a certain number of articles appear. When assigning a Barcode and registration number (ISBN), the names of all authors are entered under the corresponding ISBN. The official publisher and sponsor of the Journal – Almanac: Acupuncture and Karma Yoga Institute, LLC (New Jersey, USA).
After the publication of an issue from the printing house, each author receives three free copies. If the author needs more copies (with his article) – the author becomes Minor Sponsor and invests money in the publication at the cost of producing a specific edition of the Almanac. The cost estimate is documented to the authors of the Journal, with the calculation of the cost of one copy. The cost includes: proofreading of texts, computer layout of an issue, printing services, delivery of circulation to the office of Acupuncture and Karma Yoga Institute.

Acupuncture and Karma Yoga Institute has no purpose to make a profit with the authors of the Journal. Author – Minor Sponsor, can invest in 10, 20, 30 and more copies. Acupuncture and Karma Yoga Institute takes an investment in the number of copies, a multiple of 20.

All authors have the right to add to their articles free advertising at 20% of the page size. Articles are accepted in 12 font, the volume is not less than 1 + 1/2 pages. The exception is food and drink recipes – the size of the article with photos is 1 page. On all articles and photos an Internet test is performed for originality. The editorial board is not responsible for the content of the articles, but has the right to refuse the author in the publication, without explaining the reasons for the refusal.

General Sponsor is the author who invests in the number of copies, a multiple of 100. General Sponsors have the right to add to their article a free advertisement for 100% of one page.

Advertisers (not authors) – pay for advertising services at a set price.

Advantages for authors of publications:
1. Each of your articles corresponds to the ISBN number and can be used as an official publication, mentioned in the Resume, on your website, on the LinkedIn professionals website.
2. Your advertising is not lost among thousands of others because your article is waiting for your reader.
3. The full text of each publication is published on the site https://acuyogareiki.com. Each author has his own free page. Each article is attached to the name of the respective author.