Monthly Archive: March 2020


Dr. Spencer Kroll: Cholesterol and Atherosclerosis

Issue #4 Dr. Spencer Kroll: Cholesterol and Atherosclerosis ACUPUNCTURE – YOGA – REIKI MAGAZINE ALMANAC. SPONSOR – ACUPUNCTURE AND KARMA YOGA INSTITUTE. CEO – Leonid Belenitsky CTO – Alex Dreytser Design – Alla Korenblyum...


New poem “Stubborn Soul” By Amanda Gahm

A Stubborn Soul By Amanda Gahm Cast down from the cosmos. She leaves behind Father Sun and Mother Moon. With her essence she brings emeralds, may flowers and high hopes, Magically flying in riding...


Library of Congress registered Issue #4

Issue #4 of Acupuncture Yoga Reiki Magazine is officially registered by the Library of Congress! Acupuncture Yoga Reiki (Print) ISSN 2690-8352 Acupuncture Yoga Reiki (Online) ISSN 2690-8360 ACUPUNCTURE – YOGA – REIKI MAGAZINE ALMANAC....